Why Don’t More Females Consider a Career In Tech Industry?


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an I.T. woman in a company. You don’t even really notice them portrayed as tech people in the movies. Why is that? It’s been said that women leave the tech business within a year a lot more often than males.

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Not really. Are they naturally better at technology information? Not necessarily, no. We’ve come a long way when it comes to men and women being able to do the same job, but in some areas, we still seem to have a long way to go.

There are so many women dominating industries like music, business, and more but you rarely hear about Boss babes in the tech industry (not that they don’t exist because they do and they are LIT). So why are they so underrepresented in the tech industry? There are entirely a few real reasons that have kept women from living up to their technology potential.

Why Don’t More Females Consider a Career In Tech?

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1. Teasing in Early Years

In middle school, being a girl that was into computers and tech-related activities wasn’t exactly a quick way to a lot of friends. A lot of girls in the tech programs as an adolescent are said weird or geeky while the boys are encouraged and told they would be scientists one day. I have a pretty distinctive memory of how different the tech program was in middle school compared to how it was by the time we were about to graduate high school. A lot of those girls gave up on the program to do more ‘girly’ things.

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2. Stereotypes

The gender stereotype in every industry is alarming. Especially when it comes to women in this competitive world dominated by men to some extent. A lot of women who are interested in technology are subject to stereotypes about getting ahead because of their sexuality or just not having a personality because they are into computers.

All the tech-savvy in movies like Iron Man have been portraying men as the lead. Now its time to show more of wonder women.

If a woman is intellectual, she is stereotyped as a show-off just because she isn’t afraid to embrace her knowledge. It pushes a lot of women over the edge and makes them want to leave the industry.

3. Unfair Wages

As far as we may have come with equality in the sexes, it is still pretty clear that women will get a starting salary that is less than a man and the technology business is no different. Women are continually being mistreated financially and pretty much asked to deal with it or leave.

Some women will tough it out but a lot who know their worth won’t and will choose to move on to where they might be appreciated. Women in this field ask for and receive 98 percent of what males make doing the same thing within the first couple years of working.

Raises and promotions are not equally given out between the two, and that could be frustrating for anyone.

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4. Being Discouraged

As I said before, being a smart chick into computers as a kid was not the route to the friendship train. However in our culture girls get very little encouragement from anyone to pursue this kind of career.

There were a lot of computer science programs geared towards the boys when I was in school, but I don’t think I ever saw one to encourage girls who were into computers.

I am sure there were some, but between the two there was no contest as to who got the most support. This is probably one of the main reasons women don’t go into tech.

Girls aren’t encouraged by teachers, peers, or parents to believe that it’s something that they, as women, could be good at.

Then those women who make it into the industry but question why they aren’t getting treated the same are told that they chose that life because they decided to do something that’s “not for women” to do as a career. What they should have been hearing was how unfair it actually is and that they deserve just as much as the man next to them with the same equal treatment.

5. Favoritism in The Workplace

When you are a woman surrounded by men in a tech building you already feel as if you stick out. Nothing makes you feel more alienated then being the last person chosen to do everything just because you are a woman.

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There have been women who thrived in this business but were still last selected because somebody felt more capable of putting it into Bobby’s hands than Ashley’s. Not because he is better at the job than she is, in fact, a lot of times they don’t even check.

These are the types of attitudes that women have to deal with in the workplace that causes a lot to leave within their first little while working with a company.

The circumstances that a woman has to indulge when she wants to be in the tech career would be enough to drive anyone crazy. However what is sad is how often young budding tech minds aren’t even given the tools and encouragement needed to grow from a young age.

Women are trained as girls what careers are better suited for them, and that lack of support as a child is a big part of why we don’t see women appropriately represented in the tech industry today.

Some studies have proven,

a lot of women who show natural talent and enjoy computer science but felt as if that wasn’t something they could enjoy doing because it is a man’s business.

The world needs more women in the tech industry. Do you feel like this needs to change? What can be done? Do you know of any added reasons as to why women choose not to go into the tech industry? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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