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Being the heartbeat of millions of followers all across the globe, there is no doubt that Football is the most desired game. The best part is that, watching the game is equally fun as to play it. Over the years, the sport Football has formed some strong competing teams that seem hard to be defeated. Some of the strongest teams of football include Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Manchester City, etc. These strong teams have given birth to some of the best football players in the world. Such legendary football players have broken records, created history and gained respect from every single follower. No matter which team you support, you would agree to the fact, these players are really enthralling and are the best football players of all time. If you understand the game of football, then you would probably agree with us.

Without further duo, let’s move on to the list of top 11 football players in the world.

Best Football Players In The World

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1. Lionel Messi

Leo Messi is considered to be the best football player in the world for several years. Despite the fact that he was too young, he has achieved several accolades. Just at the age of 21, Leo was already honored with Ballon d’Or and the FIFA Player of the year awards. And this Argentine national football player had won the Ballon d’Or for five times.

The Argentine football manager after a victory stated that “Messi does not owe a World Cup to Argentina – football owes a World Cup to Messi. He is the best player in history.” Be it champions league titles or La Liga titles, he has it all.

  • Four times Player of the year
  • Eight La Liga titles, five times Ballon d’Or
  • Four UEFA Champions League titles
  • And five Copas del Rey

Born on June 24th, 1987, this Argentinian star also plays for the Spanish club – Barcelona and has won 29 trophies for them.

He is a forward player known to have the record for the highest number of goals with 585 goals in his career.

When watching Messi play live, it feels as if the ball is glued to his legs. He is indeed a gift for the world of Football.

Teams Played – Argentina & Barcelona

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal & Real Madrid)

Ronaldo is indeed one of the best football players of all time. In the year 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA’s Player of the year award. He along with Messi has been the only two players claiming this honor since 2007. In the world of soccer, Ronaldo is the only player whom fans believe that is equally admirable, if not superior to Messi.

One of his remarkable accolades also includes the surprising win of Euro World Cup 2016 for Portugal.

Cristiano is also a forward player famous for his unique style of stopover. Adding to his list of achievements is the fifth time Ballon d’Or award he won at Paris on Dec 2017, making him equal to Messi’s record, with regard to Ballon d’Or.

Teams Played – Portugal & Real Madrid

3. Luis Suarez

Suarez, the fighter is famous for his impeccable skills to handle one-to-one situations. He is truly an all-round player and this Barcelona striker is way more than his deceived to be.

He gives his 100% when it comes to winning a goal, be it a penalty shot or a corner.

The trio Messi-Saurez-Neymar has been one of the best era’s for Barcelona and truly fun to watch them play together on the field.

Teams Played – Uruguay & Barcelona

4. NeymarJr

Neymar, the Brazilian sensation plays for the teams Barcelona and Brazil national team. He scored his 100th professional goal on his 20th birthday. Neymar is one of a kind in the sport of Football. He is known for his incredible pace and mostly plays forward.

Also, he has scored more goals than Messi and Ronaldo at the same stage of their careers. Born in the year 1992, this young lad ranks #13 among the world’s richest football players. 

Neymar leaving Barcelona was a big thing in the world of soccer. Potentially, the reason for him to do so could be the fact that he wants to surpass Messi and be #1 in the sport.

Teams Played – Brazil, Barcelona & Paris Saint-Germain

5. Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is named as the best goalkeeper in the world. He possesses good technical skills and holds a unique sense of reflexes. He has saved several goals which helped the team win.

Also known as the “sweeper-keeper”, Neuer plays for his German national team and the football club Bayern Munich. He also led his team to march against Argentina to win the World Cup title in 2014.

Teams Played – Germany & Bayern Munich

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6. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale who is famously known as the fastest player in the world is also an incredible finisher. His talents to boost the pace and score consistently from long range is worth mentioning. This Welsh attacker has set his mark at the 2016 UEFA Champions League title win. Bale with no doubt is one of the best football players of all time.

Teams Played – Wales & Real Madrid

7. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, the British player also plays for the club Manchester United. Rooney started his professional football career at the age of 17, being the youngest player to represent England at that time. He is the only English player to win the FIFA Club World Cup, Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League besides Michael Carrick.

Teams Played – England, Everton & Manchester United

8. Andres Iniesta

Iniesta who majorly plays midfield is known to be the modest player in the history of football. He is calm on the field and knows what he is trying to do. Andres has helped Barcelona to win 2 of the significant trebles in 2009 and 2015. He also scored the winner in the 2010 World Cup final against the Netherlands.

Teams Played – Spain & Barcelona

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“Ibra”, as his fans call has won several league titles across Holland, Spain, Italy, and France with 6 different clubs. He is the lucky charm who brings victory for the team. One of the top stars in Sweden, no doubt that he’s won the hearts of Swedes.

The people of Sweden celebrate Zlatan as the nation’s pride. He has won the Golden Ball award consecutively for the best soccer player hitting an 11 times record.

Teams Played – Ajax, Juventus, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and Sweden national team.

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10. Yaya Toure

The all-round midfielder, Yaya played a vital role for City’s first champions league title win since 1968. While only a few players are capable of switching through the gears so effortlessly, Toure can master it. Surely, watching Toure play live is one of the most spectacular sights in world soccer.

Teams Played – Ivory Coast, Beveren, Olympiacos, Barcelona & Manchester City

11. Eden Hazard

After Messi and Christiano, Eden is the highest paid player, with an estimated net worth of 77 million Euros. He is one of the most famous mid-fielder Chelsea has ever had. With his incredible pace and the ability to handle the ball, Eden has the highest record of completing dribbles in the Premier League.

Teams played for – Belgium, Lille & Chelsea FC

So how many of your favorite players are on the list? Who is your favorite football player in the world? Drop your comments below. Keep a look, even one of the young lads playing Football across your streets could be a sports star one day.

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