Things That Happen Naturally When You Start Respecting Yourself


Self-respect! It is the attitude to respect and display dignity towards your own self. Self-respect is extremely important. When you don’t have it:

  • You make poor choices
  • You hurt others around you
  • And you hurt yourself

Reports say that a whopping 85% of people lack high self-esteem. Studies also suggest that there is a correlation between holding good self-esteem and securing a good salary.

So yes, low self-esteem can lead you to a lesser salary compared to your peers.

Without respecting yourself, you will never be able to move forward and live your dreams.

If you are having a hard time respecting yourself, maybe you should read these benefits of it and see if it doesn’t convince you to get that self-respect ball rolling.

The benefits of self-respect make it look so rewarding that you will never look back.

Benefits You Get When You Start Respecting Yourself


1. You start loving yourself

There is a direct link between self-esteem and self-love. The more you respect yourself, the more you take care of yourself which leads directly to you beginning your journey towards self-love.

Learning to love yourself has a direct impact on your success and the future decisions you make for yourself.

Your self-worth will keep you from taking jobs you don’t deserve, and allowing yourself to be treated in ways you don’t deserve as well.

2. You stop trying to please others all the time

Something about self-respect gives you a specific backbone that you didn’t have before. You will no longer look to others for acceptance because you’ll know just how worth you genuinely are.

Once that realization that it is about how YOU feel about yourself is what counts, you’ll stop doing what you think others want you to.

In other words, you will start doing whatever it is that you WANT to do and not what others want you to.

A big reason for that being is that you will no longer be afraid of being alone. So, you won’t go out of your way to make sure that you are around people you have to do anything other than be yourself to be around.

Self-respect is the beginning of becoming mentally freed to start depending on yourself more.

3. You will begin to push past your comfort zones

Loving and trusting yourself gives you the boost you need to be confident in yourself. You will have so much more faith in your ability to succeed that you will want to push past your mental limits.

Self-doubt will not be able to hold you back much longer because you will be on your way to realizing just how lit and capable you are.

The more you respect yourself, the more you will see how much a limiting mindset keeps you from the things you truly desire.

4. You end up surrounded by a better environment

You ever hear the saying that who you’re surrounded by is a direct reflection of who you are? Well, actually, who you’re surrounded by is an exact reflection of how you feel about yourself.

When you start respecting yourself, you stop allowing yourself to be treated like less than you are.

You stand up for yourself more because you know your worth and only will allow yourself to be surrounded by those that know it also. You won’t be continuously accepting meaningless apologies. Then, you will start attracting a better company because you are now aware that is what you deserve.

5. You will make better choices

You will no longer do things that are a waste of time. Respecting yourself will put you in a place where your well being before temporary pleasures.

Instead of staying out for hours past your limit, you’ll go home when you know that you should.

You will start prioritizing your time to make your dreams come true and make sure your goals are accomplished because you know that you are worth that much.

6. You become more private

Since it won’t matter how others view you, you know longer feel the need to publicize every aspect of your life.

Your successes and failures won’t always have to be posted because you respect yourself more than someone who posts for attention.

I am not saying that posting is terrible, but if you’re sad and posting pictures of your face covered in tears, ask yourself why you are sharing that with the world?

Are you sharing that moment of success for approval or just out of excitement and wanting to share with the world. When you respect yourself, your close loved ones knowing your business tends to suffice.

7. You become a well-rounded happier person

All of the other points I have made combined added together will take so much weight off of your shoulders. Once you feel like you’re in a better environment and you are treating yourself better, you will start to feel lighter in spirit.

Next thing you know you’re smiling more and more opportunities are coming your way.

When a better company surrounds you, you will enjoy your social outings more because you will leave feeling refreshed and inspired, not put down or drained. One of my favorite things about respecting myself is how much happier I am because of it.

Learning to appreciate yourself is not the most straightforward task, but all that goodness and happiness you feel will make it worthwhile and push you to want to sell for that respect more and more.

Aren’t you convinced yet?

Self-respect is one of the best and most visible forms of self-love. It is vital for sustaining a prosperous future, and it helps you make all of the right decisions for nobody but yourself. Too many feel less than worthy, and it is that sad thought that holds you back from your dreams. You don’t have to be mean or rude to others to gain this respect. You don’t have to break any moral codes.

Stand up for yourself and change how you perceive yourself.

It isn’t an easy task that will happen in the middle of the night, but it is one of the best adjustments for your life that you can make. Self-respect comes with persistence and determination for your future. Remember how much your worth is up to you.

What are some things you think would come with self-respect? Are any of these something you’ve experienced self-respect helping you with? Comment and let us know!

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