Reasons Why You Are Frustrated With Life And What You Can Do About It?


In our day-to-day lives, we get irritated very easily. Probably the present lifestyle is stressful that leads to frustration. Perhaps you can even get frustrated by the erratic behavior of the person driving the car ahead of you. You can even get frustrated by the often power cuts or the never ending traffic jam in your city. What so ever may be the reasons, don’t you think we get frustrated very easily? Every small thing can disturb our ‘precious’ peace of mind.

If a dress does not fit, we get frustrated, if we get less marks or poor performance in one of our exams we get frustrated. Are we really frustrated coz of lack of opportunities, or is it because we have not accepted our own situation. The reasons may be huge or minuscule but what is more important is to overcome them and be frustration free.

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Frustration makes you mad and can lead to foggy mind. You can’t take the right decision. Your day just slips through without producing much. It sucks energy and steals energy. Let’s have a look at why are we so frustrated all the time.


1) Stress/Anger

Most of the time we feel we are worthless and we start questioning our needs and basic convictions, values, beliefs and perception. Situations that are not in our hands stress us out. And stress leads to anger. You are angry as you are not able to fulfill your dreams or miss out on an opportunity.

Things can be numerous that makes your life stressful.

2) Biological Changes

High or low blood pressure, excessive sweating, gaining weight or even losing too much weight can cause frustrations. When medically you are not in control of your body, you feel helpless and thus frustrated.

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3) Lack of Patience

All of us are not patient any more. We lack general patience. We can hardly wait for our turn. And when we are not able to get what we want at the right time, we feel frustrated. We don’t like to wait for anything. The question is not only to identify our triggers for frustration but also to overcome them.


Read on to find out how not to be frustrated in life and stay peaceful.

1) Be in the Present

We all think too much about the future. And we get tensed thinking about it. Focus on the present. Calm yourself. Take a deep breath and breathe out. Continue to do so and close your eyes and take control of what is going on in the present. Take an inventory of your present.

2) Be Grateful

Once you have calmed down, and are aware of the present. Make a list of the things you have in the present.

  • A roof over your head
  • Food on the table
  • Clothing and other basic necessities
  • Friends and family who loves you

Appreciate them and be grateful for your present environment. Accepting and appreciating is a huge step to cool yourself down. And in this you would also find happiness.

What to do?

Once you are in the right frame of mind, you can focus on what to do. This is the ‘Constructive Phase’. Take account of- What is my situation? and What can I do to improve it?

Write down answers so you can streamline yourself. Recharge after these exercises and get back into the game.

You need to have control of yourself and calm down if the situation is a little out of hand. Practice yoga and breathing exercises to stay sane and avoid frustrations. Frustrations are good to take the corrective steps. If you can control them and channelize them into a productive activity, I feel frustrations are good. But do not let them overpower you so much that it takes control and not you.

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