Qualities Which Can Make You A Hero


It would be so thrilling seating next to your grandfather, listening to him telling you some bit of history on how they lived and how the bad situations which happened were handled. But what is even more fascinating is hearing the stories of some great leaders who did some acts of bravery and heroism, making them be heroic leaders. Mind you, this people died maybe long times ago but then they are still being celebrated as people who brought change, going past the limits with a sacrifice in order to make a difference and change the lives of their people.

We can think of heroes like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, just to name a few, and we understand that these people put their egos aside and put their lives on the line in order to try and resolve issues that were facing their people.

So many countries in the world have set aside certain dates so that they can commemorate the lives of those heroes, to give them the respect they deserve, since on that particular date, very many years ago, they did great things which make them worth celebrating. For example in the United States of America, the Veteran day is celebrated on the 11th of November every year, to celebrate and to honor the people who served in the military because of their patriotism and love for their country.

These leaders lived dutiful lives even when they were faced with circumstances, which gave them reasons to stop, and yet they pushed on, with persistence, to ensure that they have achieved great things to change the lives of so many people, of which they did not even know of on personal levels.

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So, What Makes You A Hero?

The following are some of the qualities that make you a real hero:

1. Loyalty

This is being able to work well with others and creating some strong connections with each other, which dictates how loyal you can be. When the soldiers go to train together, work with each for a number of days you find them being selfless with each other. This can make the person make a sacrifice and do things for others without asking for any favors, in order to achieve the set common goals. He does what is expected and what he has to do to drive to the common goal, without acting for his own sake.

With this kind of loyalty, soldiers can form the unity which is so important in achieving what they want to fight for, and the soldier will not want to let down his comrades.

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2. Leadership

Some people are born leaders while others can be made in order to be leaders. You can possess few leadership skills and be given an opportunities to utilize those skills.
Heroes serve in leadership roles, their qualities are always needed in every position, at all times in order to save situations that are unexpected. They chip in and help do things differently in order to achieve a certain goal. They are always self-disciplined, confident and they have the ability to lead by example to represent the interests of many people.

These kinds of people are goal oriented, able to influence in order to achieve a common goal, energetic, competent and tolerant to many stressing situations.

3. Courage

Courage gives the ability to face fear pain and still push on to your common goal. Heroes are known for being physically and morally courageous. Courageous people can withstand pain and any forms of hardship and even acting morally right even when he or she is being oppressed and discouraged.

These kinds of people are always more than willing to risk their lives for others and protect the kind of values that they live by. This makes them resolve to endure the pain they go through in order to stand by their principles.

4. Passion

You instill the passion in people who tend to be leaders. For heroes its automatic they already possess it and they have that intrinsic motivation to inspire them in order to perform well in whatever they want to do. For example, in India under the British colonial rule, Monagas Gandhi, a political leader had his own ideologies that he stuck with when there was the Indian Independence movement. He was detained on a number of occasions but he didn’t give up.


5. Perseverance

This is the ability to do something without stopping at nothing, despite the fact that it might be discouraging or being faced with a heap of obstacles. We have seen several heroes in history who have shown determination during times of unachievable things. They pushed on regardless of the pain that they went through to get to their desired goal. An example is Alexander the great who was daring and showed perseverance.

6. Honesty

Heroic leaders are those that show honesty to the people who are around them by telling them the truth of at all times. They don’t lie as an excuse for failure or in order to get some favors from the people, they say things as they are and not things that people will just want to hear. They say the true state of things in that particular moment.

7. Confidence

Confidence is a trait that heroic leaders do possess. When you achieve something, be it small or big, you develop a lot of confidence. Such people attract so many people who would also want to be like them, and this makes heroes to easily motivate and influence people.


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