Why You Do Not Have Many Friends And What Are The Advantages Of It!


Do you feel bad about not having too many friends? It is okay! In the age of the internet and social media, we all seem to have numerous friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do too. However, when it comes to counting my friends whom I can look up to when in trouble, I can count them on the tips of my fingers. I mean, I have only a small group of friends. In truth, do we really need so many friends? And if you do not have too many friends, are you losing out on something?

Well, really not!

There is a huge difference between acquaintances and true friends.

In fact, a new research study has revealed that teens who have larger social networks are more prone to mental health problems like anxiety in their adulthood.

Definition Of A True friend

A friend is one who is part of your life, who knows you better than yourself.  We believe that we have comrades all over the world but, they are mere acquaintances – people whom you know.

Thanks to the internet, our friend list is growing, but personal contact with them is the same. People like me find such situations a boon. We love to chat and catch up with old friends from school but hardly see the need to meet them in person.

I am happy with my limited number of friends. For me, more friends do not mean more happiness. 

In fact, having more friends mean social isolation and loneliness.  Social networks make you feel less satisfied.

Popularity, in no way, means health and happiness.

More is not always better; rather, quality is more important.  We would rather be more popular than build close relationships. But is it right?

Friends should enhance who you are. Self-growth and social life are two different things. It would be best if you did not get distracted to show up every time for your long list of them. You share your life journey with the selected few.

Here are a few of the advantages of having a close-knit group.

The Advantages Of Not Having Too Many Friends


1. Not Many Friends Mean More Clarity On Priorities

Throwing a great party is great with all your friends, but who stays behind to help are the ones who really matter. So these are the ones who help you sort out your life. They help you remain focused on what is important.

Too many friends would mean your time is divided among many. Lesser friends mean more time for them as well as yourself.

2. Fewer Friends Mean Never Have To Remember Those Dates

I can never remember all those dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth. If you have a close group of friends, you do not have to remember them; you are a part of those dates.

These times are important to you so that you would remember them anyhow.

Above all, wishes on these occasions would mean even more when coming from those who are your dear ones.

3. Having A Large Social Network Can Lead To Depression

A study conducted by the University of Nebraska explores how large social networks can lead to depressive symptoms in young boys and girls.

The study confirmed that adults with lower acceptance from friends and social circle had more depressive signs. On the other hand, people with more acceptance from their social networks felt good about themselves.

So, having too many friends can do more harm than good to you.

4. Fewer Friends Mean Lesser Gifts

Putting my money saver hat on, this one seems to be important too. That time of the year, when you need to buy a gift for everyone! With a long list of so-called friends, you have to buy gifts for even those who do not really mean so much to you.

On the other hand, with selected closer ones you need not spend too much. And you can buy gifts that are memorable as well as important. Therefore you tend to save some money too.

5. Small Social Circle Means More Time For Yourself

No more planning with this set of friends, no more drinks with those set of friends. Few friends mean you get to spend more time on yourself.

No more planning and coordinating with all. You can enjoy your life and the good company of your best friends.

6. Fewer Friends Mean Your Life Your Rules

You do not need to compromise on your life. You can plan your life the way you want. More friends would mean they interfere in every aspect of your life.

You need not compare your achievements with those of your friends. This small list of true friends do not judge you; so you can live by your own rules.

7. More Friends Mean You Need To Prove Yourself Again And Again

Few friends mean they know your strengths and shortcomings. You do not have to prove your friendship to them over and over again.

When you try to make new friends, you for sure have to take that extra effort to prove your friendship. Why not just be cozy and lazy with the friends you already have?

8. More Friends Mean More Heartaches And More Bitching Stories

The bigger circle you have, the more you gossip about your own friends.  When you have a small group of friends, you completely accept each other, and the bonding is strong.

9. No Bias

Few friends mean you genuinely care for every one of them equally. There’s no partiality between friends.

In my life, I have experienced that you can never have enough friends, but when push comes to shove, only a few good ones stick around. Choose well and wisely. Cut off the acquaintances and see who loves you the most. They are the keepers.

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