6 Habits of People Who Live In The Worlds Happiest Countries


Everyone, including myself, has different goals and desires for their lives. Some of us want to be famous. Others want to be rich. Some of us want to get married and start a family. The thing that motivates all these goals and desires is the one thing that all of us have in common. We all want to be happy.

Happiness looks different to everyone. We all have different versions of our lives in our heads of what happiness looks like. We all believe that if we accomplish this or that we will reach that ultimate happiness we desire. What a lot of us don’t realize is that most of the things we imagine will make us happy, have nothing to do with it.

According to Forbes and the World Economic Forum, Finland is the happiest country in the world.

Why? It isn’t the wealthiest country. To figure this out I looked at the next few happiest countries in the world: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland. These are all different places, with varied weather patterns, and economic statuses. All they have in common is being the happiest countries in the world.

There is furthermore things that these countries have in common that are core reasons for happiness in these countries. We’ve gathered the six habits of people who live in the happiest countries. Go ahead and unveil the secrets for a happy life.

6 Habits of People Who Live In The Worlds Happiest Countries

1. People Are Active


I don’t mean they all have a gym membership and faithfully go every single day. Nor do I say they spend hours every morning doing crunches and push-ups. They value being active, not necessarily being consistent in traditional exercise.

They walk or ride their bikes to work. They don’t use cars to go two minutes down the street.  They use their feet and leg muscles to get them to and fro.

Walking, in general, is an extremely effective way to stay healthy.

The benefit of this is its free, and it’s convenient. You never have to worry about your car breaking down on you and then suddenly you can’t get to work. The more you walk to work or ride your bike, the stronger you’ll be and better able to make the trip. You’ll also notice these places have a higher life expectancy rate than usual. That’s probably due to healthy habits like these. Knowing you’d probably live a long, healthy, and active life will make you happier too.

2. They Prioritize Time With Loved Ones


In these countries, there are lots of coffee shops and parks full of people who are taking time to catch up with loved ones. They share meals together with their families WITHOUT everyone staring at their cell phones.

Face to face connections is more popular than “likes” on Facebook.

Too often do some people value those superficial online connections. You miss out on so much love and positive energy when you feed too often into social media and what strangers have to say about other strangers. While social media is fun and can be a great thing, misused can drain you of positive energy and suck all that happy right out.

 3. People Eat Healthy Food

Your health is significantly affected by what you eat. It has an impact on your mental and physical (which in turn can also change your mental) well being. That is something these countries also have in common. There isn’t a lot of processed and oily foods that are popular there. These countries are known for a lot of their cuisine to be the Mediterranean which includes fish, nuts, and other nutrition rich people eats.

The Mediterranean diet has a plethora of health benefits such as reducing the chances of Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and Alzheimer’s.


4. They Trust Each Other

You ever notice how untrusting we are in some places? If someone is walking towards you that you don’t know, a specific radar goes off. Crime rates and bad experiences attribute to that as well as societal nature. In these countries, people trust their neighbors and their crime rates are significantly lower comparatively.

There isn’t as much disdain for their government officials as there isn’t as much evidence of corruption. They are transparent with the public and take care of their people in the ways of healthcare and more. Due to these things, there is a lot of trust between the communities.


5. Good Balance

I am a known workaholic. A lot of time I spend more time with my work than anywhere else due to working from home. A lot of people in America have this problem. We can spend too much time working. Some of us even spend way too much time partying and neglecting our careers or lack thereof.

Our lives need balance to function at our highest capability. In Finland and these other countries, they are prioritizing work and social things.

They play when it’s time to play and work when it’s time to work.

6. People Take Care of Nature


Have you ever SEEN pictures of Switzerland or Finland? It is BEAUTIFUL! They are on my list of places to go. They take care of their parks and greenery. You see people taking walks right in nature on those long scenic roads.

In these happier countries, there isn’t consistent ruining of nature due to industrialized greed. Or even constant trees being cut down for constructing new malls just ten minutes from other malls.

It keeps the communities beautiful and that beauty and time people can spend in nature promote happiness.

There is a lot more we can take from the way people in these countries live their lives. Happiness is something that isn’t dictated by money. But through mindset. Their values are on the things that matter like love and family. I want some of that in my life, how about you?

Do you think that you could improve your happiness by following some of these habits yourself? Have you ever experienced any of these countries yourself? Do you now want to visit any of these countries? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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