Custom Gift Ideas for Friends and Family


Whilst you can go and buy a gift off the shelf for a dear friend and family member on their birthday, it means more when the gift shows there has been more personal thought given to its giving. A custom gift does this because it is one that can be modified or customized in a way that makes it unique for the receiver.

Custom Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Here are a few custom gift ideas for friends and family:

Cartoon Family Portrait

This one is pretty damn cute and ideal for people who like to collect portraits of the whole family before they get too old to be willing to join in.

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Custom Cards with Building Designs

Marisa Seguin produces custom illustrations of buildings and other visual items that can be depicted on a card and sent in the mail. She will need to be sent a picture of the cabin, favorite location or another residence to work from and then she can draw up something that will evoke this memory for the receiver of the card.

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Executive Nod Chair

This is the Executive Nod Chair, in pink, for kids who want to be the boss. This version of the Nod chair is larger than the previous version and includes the own design by Michelle Romo. Each chair used removable covers that can easily be washed when a drink is accidentally spilled over it. The child’s name can be switched into the chair fabric (maximum of 12 characters) and the surrounding fabric is adjusted to make the name more readable. There is also a convenient back pocket to store their favorite books.

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Handcrafted Wooden Brain Teaser Jigsaw Puzzles

These Stave puzzles have been designed as brain teaser puzzles that are meticulously handcrafted to please the recipient and provide them with hours of trouble solving the puzzle! There are many different puzzles to choose from, so when they’ve solved one, there are plenty of others to tease them further. Visit their site to find the ideal puzzle gift.

Science Geek Key Fob

Ideal for any young science geek, this periodic table key chain made out of wood is both eco-friendly and cool. The wood comes from a Wisconsin farm that has been dried using solar-powered kilns. Lasers have been used to cut and engrave the wood and an oil that is safe to use on wood surfaces has been applied to protect the natural beauty of the wood grain.

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Loved Locket Necklace

The Loved Locket Necklace, designed by Emily Rosenfeld, is a pewter locket on an 18-inch nickel plated steel chain. The lid of the locket lifts up to reveal a special photo inside and an engraving with the word “loved” displayed on the inside of the lid. Made by hand in Massachusetts, USA, this gift is ideal for lovers, husband and wives, daughters, and friends who mean something special to you.

Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board has a rustic look to it and can be carved with the first or last initials of two people in an “M + F” layout with a surrounding carved heart with an arrow through it. The carving can be placed either below the handle or in the corner, which is selected at the time of ordering.

There is nothing like a personalized gift to show the person that you’ve put an extra bit of effort into coming up a perfect item to give to them.

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