8 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home

Did you party hard last night? The symptoms of a hangover can surely be troublesome. If you are wondering how to get rid of your hangover quickly, read on to know some home remedies and cure hangover instantly.

There is a limit to what our bodies can endure. It usually reacts in some way or another when we overindulge. A couple of drinks may have a calming effect on you, but when you go overboard, it is called as overindulgence. The way you feel the next day- crappy, irritated, nauseated, parched and a headache is just a way of the body to remind you that you overdid it last night.

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Dr. Roger Henderson said that some people are more prone to hangovers than others. The symptoms of a hangover are usually due to the toxicity and dehydration due to alcohol. Thus the best way to prevent a hangover is to not exceed more than 6 to 10 units of alcohol in the system. But if you are a light drinker, you must know your own limit.

There are many ways including natural remedies to get rid of a hangover fast.

Did you know the science behind hangovers?

A hangover is usually caused due to alcohol withdrawal or a certain amount of impurities produced at the time of distillation. A sweet drink contains more impurities and makes you feel more nauseated compared to bitter ones. Or the ones with the more carbonated mix will have your head pounding the next day.

It usually takes 8 to 24 hours for symptoms of a hangover to disappear! Scientists call it Veisalgia. There are many natural remedies along with others to get rid of a hangover quickly.

Here are eight effective ways to cure a hangover and get rid of a it the next day!

8 Effective Ways To Cure Hangover and Get Rid Of It

1. Take A Lot Of Fluids

Your body becomes dehydrated when you drink too much alcohol. The constant urination heightened by the release of vasopressin is terrible for your kidneys.

Thus it is essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the next day. Keep drinking a glass of water, in between every drink you take. You can also drink fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated, and it helps in fighting off nausea too.

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Vitamin C present in lemon or orange juice helps calm down the stomach and fight off the feeling of hurling. H2O is the way to go!


2. Eating Ginger Can Cure Hangover Instantly

Eating ginger is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of hangover quickly.

Though many people would be repelled by eating crystallized ginger in the morning according to the National Institute of health, eating sugar, ginger or tangerine pit decreases the feeling of nausea and vomiting thus reducing hangover. Ginger has Anti-Oxidative and Anti-Inflammatory effects.

3. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Constant urination and dehydration will bring down the sugar level in your blood; eat a healthy breakfast to neutralize the blood sugar. A drop in this level magnifies the feeling of a hangover. Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the best home remedies for hangover.

Drinking too much alcohol destabilizes the chemical in your blood and might increase the acid produced in the stomach. But when you eat a healthy breakfast, the next day after a hangover, it provides the body with nutrients to recover and reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

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4. Avoid Coffee

We often turn to a coffee whenever we are feeling a bit sleepy. But drinking excessive coffee dehydrates us. In addition to a night of alcohol drinking, consuming coffee the next day morning is merely deadly. It, in fact, worsens the symptoms of a hangover!

A natural substitute would be to drink tea with sugar. Green tea has less amount of caffeine than most caffeinated drinks. It would give you the kick you need and the sugar in the tea would balance the sugar level the next day of a hangover. Make sure, you do not boil the tea leaves or try decaf-tea.

5. Go Back To Bed

Drinking alcohol in moderation may help you to sleep better. But with a high alcohol level in your blood causes sleep disturbances. With low quality and quantity of sleep, it may play havoc in your everyday activity the next day. Sleeping is the cheapest home remedies for hangover.

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Lack of proper rest only worsens the hangover but in no way causes a hangover. Irritation, fatigue, and headaches are aggravated by not resting enough after a hangover. So just go back to sleep and help relieve the hangover naturally.

6. Breathe In Fresh Air

Did you know if you breathe in the fresh air, it can help ease the headache? If it’s not too much of a challenge, you must take a walk or do light exercises. It helps in improving the metabolism that helps in ridding all the toxins from the body quickly. Sitting out in the fresh air under the sun would do wonders for the nauseous feeling. So get up and go out in the fresh air to get rid of your hangover.

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7. Never Take Pain Killers to Cure Hangover

After being drunk, the first thing you would feel in the morning is your head pounding as soon as you get up. To heal this symptom of a hangover, you must not take over the counter pain killer to cure the headache.

A study shows the ill effects of taking pain medicines when alcohol is in your system will aggravate the side effects of the medicine. For your health safety, it is not advisable to mix these two.

Aspirin and alcohol both thin out the blood and if taken together can be lethal for you. Similarly, Tylenol with acetaminophen harms the liver and ibuprofen may cause the stomach to bleed.

If it becomes essential to take medicine, use a balm that help relieves headache. It is always recommended to take professional advice from your doctor before you take medicines.

8. Take A Cold Shower

One of the best ways to get rid of hangover quickly is by taking a cold shower. After you wake up, it is advisable to take a cold shower to wake up your senses. It just helps you to clean off as well as restart your senses and thus ease the symptoms of a hangover.

There is no sure shot way to cure a hangover. As each has a different capacity, but with the tips mentioned above, you can battle the hangover like a boss and enjoy your Friday party drinks. Most importantly remember to drink responsibly.

Do you suffer from hangovers? How do you get rid of a hangover the next day after drinking? What are your home remedies for hangover? Let us know in the comments section below. Share if you care!

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