10 Self Esteem Tricks To Make You Feel Proud Of You, No Matter Where You Are Right Now


Generally people who are confident and who don’t belittle themselves are always on the heights of self esteem. Confident people are not only admirable but also an inspiration to others. They are not afraid of any obstacles rather they like to face challenges every now and then. Fear is within every one of us. It is the ability to overcome the fear and embrace the fact that you can achieve your goals is what outshines you. Positivity and feeling content are the keys ingredients for self esteem.

Why do we have low self esteem?

We have low self esteem because we start focusing on things we do not have or can’t have. And forget that we have actually achieved a lot. We forget where we have reached is a great place to be! We need a boost now and then. The great news is that there are neat little tricks that can boost your self esteem and make you feel proud of your current position. It is not that difficult if you just put your mind to it. Don’t sift through them, bring them into practice and you would notice the difference.

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10 Self Esteem Tricks To Make You Feel Proud Of Yourself Instantly

1. Observe your life as an outsider

Sometimes we look at our life from the perspective of our mood. Mostly we judge too harshly. But observing our actions and thought process from another person’s point of view will give us a much better picture. Things are usually not that bad at first. Once you observe your life objectively, you would not beat yourself about every bad decision you might have made.

2. Visualize and admire your past achievements

Though the present may seem a difficult phase and you may not like it, but at some point of your life you had some positive outcomes. Register those happy times and accomplishments and try to visualize the future. Focus on the times when you had received any award or accolades. It helps to realize that you have come quite far and have achieved a lot. Try to focus on that, you would feel the same pride now in your accomplishments. Give a pat on your shoulder for all that you have gone through.

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3. Positive things

Focus on the positives in your life. Once you have observed yourself from an outside perspective, you would notice that life is not that unfair. There are a lot of positive characteristics. Make a list of those positive things in your life. Maybe you can cook good or you can easily be child like to make others happy. Looking at all the positive side will help you realize your potential. Remember what you already have in life, could be a dream for many. Be grateful!!

4. Take a break from social media

Social media when used excessively, is not adding any quality to life. It is simply a means to show off people. People also do it just to show off personal achievements to make the other person feel small. What you observe may not exactly be the truth. Most of us are tempted by the perfect life of people that appear on these sites.

The interesting part is that no one shares their regular mundane life. Take a detox diet in Social Networking. Quit it for a week, you would not miss out much! You would rather feel lighter and happy. What you have achieved is actually a good place to be. Focus on ‘your’ life and not others life.


5. Go through an old diary

If you are in a habit of writing a journal, flip through it when your self esteem has taken a hit. Going through an old journal you would find that you were so different back then. You would probably laugh at yourselves too. If you never kept a journal pull out your photo albums. Memories would rush in and make you feel good about yourself. You would then realize that you have actually changed for the better. After all, life is hard and you need to keep moving forward. Keep in mind your purpose of life and declutter from the noise around.

6. Encourage yourself

Talk out loud. Give yourself a pep talk. You can shake yourself out of feeling miserable. Remind yourself that you are unique and you have ability to do anything you want. You deserve what you have and it is good. Talk to yourself as you would talk to a friend who is feeling low.

7. Don’t plan, be spontaneous

Do something just for fun. Do that thing that you like. Check out the new restaurant or try out the new gym. Don’t plan just dive into it. Be spontaneous. Change the pace of your life and it would give a boost of excitement. A little change can make you feel so much better.

8. Prioritize , not everyone can be perfect

We all do things for our family and friends. When you feel unsure and beaten down, put yourself first and take out time to do what you love. Most of us are not perfect, but some of us do manage to look the part. Analyze your own actions. Sometimes we expect too much from ourselves and keep unrealistic goals.

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9. Hang out with those who make you happy

You do not need those kinds of people who would bring you down. Rather be with those friends who will uplift your mood. Great friends help you feel loved and appreciated.

10. Go for a walk

A bit of fresh air is actually great to clear mind. So make sure you take up morning or evening walks.

Recognize your inner worth and love your imperfection. It provides a secure foundation for growth. You just need a constant reminder to boost your self esteem. This boost helps you to maintain the high level. And gradually you would not need a reminder.

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