You can still be what you want to….But dare to be who you are.

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Dare to be who you are.

How many times can we change our mind ? How many dreams can chase the day ? How many people will we love ? How many memories make a life worth living ?

I had a dream. I don’t really know if it was one, or if it was this achievable thing we call purpose. One of these things which we call purpose because one needs. We have to have purposes. Move forward. Build a life.

For 3 years now, I tried in many ways to figure out who I wanted to be and my own way to live the only life I have. I questioned everything : the jobs I do, the people I meet, the place I live in, the love I need.

I traveled often, I worked a lot, I doubted sometimes, I tried always but I never rest. I never stopped.

Slowly, I learned how to react to things, how to trust the flow, how to quit changes and experiences for the love of balance and routine.


I did it. I lived it. I get through discovering places, meeting people, embracing journeys, believing wisdom. I lost people, things, even some part of myself. I quit who I was for who I am. And I grew up.

Sometimes in life, we brave waves. We live the unexpected and finally things calm down. Things fall apart so that other things can come together.

These days, when adventure, nature, new experiences, cities and people miss me, something whispers inside me :

“You can still be what you want to”

You can and you would, always. You just have to know who you want to be.


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