World’s Most Obese Countries And How Can You Fight Obesity

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According to the study, number of overweight and obese people globally increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013. This is one-third of the world’s population. Overweight in adults is categorized as Body Mass Index of 25 kg/m2 to 30 kg/m2 and obesity as Body Mass Index of more than 30 kg/m2. Though Obesity in itself is not a serious disease, it results as a ground for several ailments and an impediment to a healthy lifestyle. According to reports, approximately 3.4 million in the world die due to obesity.

British medical journal, the Lancet in the year 2014 noted that, India is the third most obese country in the world, after US and China. Interestingly the country also has the highest number of underfed population in the world since 1975 to 2014.

As the nation is joining the developed countries like US in most aspects, the exposure to and the availability of unhealthy processed food has become easier. Obesity is closely observed to be on the rise in the developed cities, rather than their rural counterparts. Along with increase in average income of people, the intake of fancy and junk food has increased rapidly.

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The obesity has affected the affluent, and the not the poor. It is not malnutrition because of unavailability of good food, it is because of availability of unwanted food that doesn’t suit our lifestyle. Little that it is needed to list about the ill effects of obesity. It is all over the web and we have heard enough of it. Listing out the plausible reasons for obesity may help us work on fixing this:

1) Heredity. We can’t really help this though, we can work ourselves by following other things and cultivating good healthy habits. Rightly said, “It does not run in your family, it’s you who do not run.”

2) Consumption of unhealthy junk food. Totally in each of our hands, we choose what we eat, we decide what we look like. Milk for instance is not encouraged to consume heavily as it welcomes more adverse effects rather than benefits.  Read here: Drinking Milk Is Bad For You – Proven Facts 

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3) Improper and less sleep. People getting a sleep of 7 hours or less tend to be overweight. Sleep is the best medicine for most of our health issues.

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4) Physical inactivity. Our lifestyle and work timings have resulted in less time for ourselves and very less probability for any physical activities. There is no simple way than getting yourself involved in good physical exercises like walking, yoga, jogging, etc.

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5) Preventing maternal malnutrition. Maternal malnutrition causes the birth of thin fat babies. Pregnant women need to be taken care really well and fed with nutritious and healthy food. This will cure things at the root level.

6) Spoon feeding your kids. Considering kids, we should emphasize to reduce the screen time and they should be asked we run errands for the home. Pampering is one of main reasons for obese kids.

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7) Less outdoor activities. Not every time you go out with friends or family, it has to be a mall or watching movies. Plan for picnics, trekking and other outdoor activities.

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8) Change in attitude. We should acknowledge this as a problem in early stages than denying ourselves and take up a healthy lifestyle.

9) You are the mirror of what you consume. Not all aspects of daily food are healthy as we have oil rich and carbohydrate overloaded.

As a disease, obesity is complex and the solutions are difficult. It has to concentrate at individual level, society level and at the government level. All you can do is, start correcting at individual level.

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