Women Insanely Mocks Celebrity Selfies On Instagram Goes Viral

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In today’s world, celebrities are so closely followed by everyone on twitter, facebook, instagram, google+ and what not. We adore celebrities so much, that we cultivate their style, dressing sense and even the selfie’s trending from the celebrities’ accounts.

This Australian comedian, Celeste Barber recreates the celebrity selfies on Instagram, which goes viral on the internet. Though Barber and her sister, started this as a joke, “People take it all too seriously,” she told the Daily Mail. There was a way more positive response from the common mass and now she receives request from all over the world to pose like other celebrity stars as well.

She also adds on that, the celebrity idols whom we follow are fake but they assume that they are doing normal things. For instance, Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt, who does that in real life?

Enjoy Barber’s hilarious pictures and also share your pictures with the hashtag #CelesteChallengeAccepted.

alignthouhgts-woman-parodies-celebrity-instagram-celeste-barber-16Don’t you hate it when you fall over on a dirt pile and your husband demands a photo shoot? I do.#celestechallengeaccepted #kimkardashian

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alignthoughts-woman-parodies-celebrity-instagram-celeste-barber-3Celebs do a lot of crazy shit on social media, that makes normal people kind of scratch their heads.

Lady Gaga’s underwear outfit selfie..

Pia Mia’s absurd selfies…




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Remember when bathrooms were used to crap in? #celestechallengeaccepted#celestebarber #funny #justinbieber Spot the dummy.


I want to make people laugh and show how the majority of what we see from our idols is bullshit, she concluded. Share and comment with your friends!

ImgSrc – boredpanda & buzzfeed.

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