Why holding degree just doesn’t mean you are educated?

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Education is no doubt the most important asset in a person’s life. It is the only thing that can help you sustain in this competitive world. But how exactly can we define education? Is it the college degree that you spend a good number of years on? Is it the good grades? Or perhaps it is the extra certifications you get on the side? Well I guess none of these are. Holding a degree just doesn’t mean you are educated. According to me education is the knowledge or the skills that you possess which ultimately get you a living. Let’s take a look at some facts what exactly your degree gives you and how far you are from reality?

  • A piece of paper telling about your grades only

A degree is nothing more than a piece of paper telling what you did in your exam but what recruiters tend to look for is what you did in the whole span of your degree, what were you as a person in those 3 or 4 years. What actually you can do and manage? What worth you are for their company? So, again two different corners.

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  • Degree is not a guarantee for skill

Having a degree doesn’t mean that a person is skilled. If degrees would have been the only proof for skill and talent, then ‘probably we would have never heard about FACEBOOK or APPLE’. Because both these big giant companies were created by college dropouts. They didn’t have a degree but still made a life – And a really GRAND LIFE at that. But what Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs had at that time were skills and passion. These two doesn’t come with a degree but with education and implementation of that education. They were just ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.

Also at a private university in the US, a graduate can be tagged for a total of $168,000 for four years of education. Being said that sometimes it may not bring back so much worth to your own self and just turns you into yet another sheep in the flock.

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  • Just a clone for corporates

Earlier it was considered that if you have graduated from college with a high enough CGPA and have joined a few groups, you would be the perfect choice for employers. But the scenario is quite different today with multiple candidates with same skill set coming into picture, your degree just turn you into one of the several corporate clones from which the corporate holds the power to choose if you are capable or not. So, again the reality is highly different. Also a typical 9 to 5 job does not make you stand out of the crowd. Really it doesn’t!

“Move Fast and break things.Unless you are not breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” – Mark Zuckerberg. Click here to read more such entrepreneurial quotes that will make you go for it!


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  • Degree does not show “that you have the X-Factor”

You read it right “X-Factor”. As told earlier a degree is just a piece of paper with bunch of numbers or grades printed on them. These don’t show that you have the X-Factor, which recruiters constantly sought after. Are you someone who can handle a crowd easily while placing your point? None of these qualities are described in your degree so having a degree hardly matters if you are skilled enough to showcase your talent. All these factors justify the decreasing number of students with degrees in the US too.

What actually makes you different?

If you want to experience the real success then instead of blindly running after a degree try to do something out of the box. That can actually raise your value and get you noticed. Skills that make you outsmart the crowd and offer you something different in your career. Things that can make others feel that you are special. This difference will get you the success.


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At the end of the day, its not the certifications that add power to your knowledge base, but its the true potential and skill that one possesses. So before you step in to a college, give it a second thought if you really need it. Instead spend time on learning yourself  and your interests and keep working on it. You are not born to complete the school, join an university, get a job and die someday. Rethink….

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