Why Does The World Need ‘Animal Adoption’ More Than Anything Else?

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I have always advocated adopting a pet. Adoption is a wonderful way to add a new member to your family. Whether it’s an adorable pup or a cutie cat, the warmth, adoration, and love that a pet brings to us makes our demanding lives a little more calm and unruffled. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” – rightly said by Anatole France.

For those of you, who don’t think “it’s a good thing to do” would be a fitting reason to get a furry friend, let me give you some awesome reasons to adopt a new best friend.

1)  Adoption helps you find a wonderful playmate – Adoption shelters are crammed with hale and hearty pets eagerly waiting to find a home.

2) It’s the right thing to do – Adopting pets helps in improving the community by sparing these animals from being neutered. When you adopt an animal from a rescue shelter, you are actually sending a message about ‘what’s the right thing to do’ and other people will learn by your example.

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3) Adoption saves their life – Hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned all over the world every day. And many more adoptable pets are being euthanized every year, simply because very few of us are willing to adopt. Animal euthanasia can be reduced significantly if more of us would adopt pets rather than buying them.

why the world needs animal adoption more than anything else

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4) Adoption gives a second chance to animals – Shelters are jam-packed with lovable and healthy animals who are left there because of some issues of their owners, such as – a new baby, a move, a divorce, or because of excessively demanding life of their guardians. When you make a decision of adopting such an animal you give them a much deserved second chance to get all the love and care they are worthy of but didn’t get.

5) Adoption controls illegal trade – When we go out and adopt a pet, an illegal animal trader or a puppy farm foregoes another buyer. To shut down these illegal businesses we need to adopt more and thereby make our contribution in putting a stop to these illegal activities.

6) Adoption gets you an opportunity to love and care – It is an absolute privilege to look after and care for a precious pet who wanted and needed you. It is your chance to contribute to the society and to change a destitute animal’s whole life. Also, you get a new BFF in the bargain, can anything beat that?


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7) Adoption inspires others to do the same – When you make an act of kindness by providing a new home and a happy life to a homeless pet, you encourage others to do it as well. Every year, more or less 2.7 million cats and dogs die because shelters are completely occupied. To remedy such unfortunate incidents we must take an initiative and inspires others to do the same.

why should you adopt an animal today

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To conclude, an adopted animal is just as much affectionate, loyal and smart as a purchased one. For all of the above reasons, pet adoption is definitely the need of the hour. As they say, a HOUSE with a loving pet is happier and more enjoyable HOME. So go ahead bring a furry friend home to ‘love, and be loved.’

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Adopt an animal. Save a life! Happy Helping!!


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