Ultimate Reasons Why You Are Not Liking Your Job

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You start your life as a child trying to learn new things. Knowingly or unknowingly you end your life turning a child unlearning all the things you have learnt all the way through your life. Amidst are those crucial days which actually define who you are, as an individual. These are the days when we humans tend to work a lot and achieve something in life, be at your own will and wish and most importantly love what you do.

Yes, you gotta love what you do. That’s like the essence for you to lead a happy life. If you are not happy at work, you simply can’t find peace within you. You turn to be reluctant for spending time with your loved ones, you get irritated or depressed even with the little things that happen around you, also you start believing yourself as a loser. But the sad part is that very few of us overcome from this period of agony and realize that life is much more beautiful and challenging. We have brought together for you, all the most significant reasons why you are hating your job, or why is that you feel its not your cup of tea.

1. Passion

The ground of being happy in life is just to love what you do. What you do with love and passion must ultimately be your job. If you do not feel like you are in love with what you are doing, if you are not taking pride of what you are doing, then ‘PLEASE DON’T DO IT’. Probably its time for you to give a second thought about your profession. You must hold a ‘feeling good factor’, when you are at work. Complaining or regretting that you must try something else is just not gonna work out. Not liking your work? QUIT. It’s simple. If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabets still have 25 letters remaining.


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2. You have an unbalanced boss

Most of us are aware of the very famous quote, “People Leave Managers, Not Companies”. Could not say it better. It is unlikely that you climb the ladder of success with an over ruling boss, in the same organisation. That is why good employees walk out the door, especially those avid ones whose work goes unrecognized. A true leader is the one who encourages the team, the one who takes responsibility of work. He/she recognizes your potential very easily and treats you good.

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More than half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. Smart companies make certain their managers know how to balance being professional with being human. These are the bosses who celebrate an employee’s success, empathize with those going through hard times, and challenge people, even when it hurts. Bosses who fail to really care about all this, and just needs the work to be done, are gonna face a difficult time. All the zenith leaders in this world are observed to be grounded, honest, hold incredible wisdom and the willingness to let others succeed. These traits if not found in your manager, it is certain that you are having a tough time at work.

3.  Lost in the island of monotony

Monotony kills a human being. The brain of a human is designed in a very complex way and what it constantly needs is ‘change’. It’s so beautifully architected, that not matter how random and insane you are as a person, it always craves for new experiences. Your work failing to keep you exciting and enthralling, is not gonna help out in the long run.

It becomes highly impossible to lead a happy and content life if you are not creative at your work. Be it an aeronautical engineer or any common job, there must be some form of innovation to add on. If there is no space for innovation at your job, then its time for you to leave the space for someone else.


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4. Recognition

Considering you have all the above factors mentioned like passion, a good boss and an innovative workplace to showcase creativity at every bit of your work, but you are still unhappy with your work. Perhaps you are not recognized for what you are contributing. Even after growing up and being adults, we humans tend to hold many child like traits. And one such trait is that desire to be awarded or appreciated. The desire to long for a tap at your back to step forward with more gear and potential. The interesting part is that you tend to outsmart more after earning such accolades.

5. Self development

As many of us hold the perception, self development is not the hierarchical development of a person in his/her field. Consider you are working as a junior engineer, you may be waiting to get promoted as a senior engineer and then a team lead, further a manager and so on. This is just insane. Someone striving for such an inclined growth in his career, is perhaps not gonna outstand. You may end up focusing only on one single thing and that is not the ideal way to achieve success or self satisfaction. Instead the best thing to do is ‘invest time on yourself’. Learn as many skills as possible right from the art of saving time to the art of outsmarting some unique technique. Do not belittle yourself and stick just to one kind of work. Broaden your horizon. Cultivate new skills, embrace hard-work, set goals and achieve them. alignthoughts-oprah-winfrey-success-will-follow

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6. You are more capable

Last but not the very least, you are a champion. Plenty of people either are not happy with their work or they leave their job just because they feel the job is not challenging themselves. At the end of the day. Making yourselves confined to one person, is like closing your eyes and longing for rainbows. It’s not so good to make yourself surrender for what you don’t love. Take as much time as possible, but you need to find what you love. No person on this planet is a born genius. Practice what you love, and you will observe a bud of talent raising within you. Ultimately that must gonna end up being your work that serves your bread and butter. People usually say, ‘a star is born’! You are no less than a star. Life is way more challenging, entertaining and beautiful. Be the better you to taste every bit of it.


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Happy Working!!

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