True Love Still Does Exist!!!

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Yesterday evening, I was sitting back and sipping my tea surfing Facebook and reading through the news feed. One of my friends had liked this video and it started playing as I scrolled down the page.

Without any dialogues spoken between each other, this very short video narrates the incredible love story of Sarah and Juan. When you meet so many people in this chaotic world who are filled in with so much bitter, unkind and untrue values, you start believing that there is no good left. There is no true love left. So was the case, with me. But after a watch on this video, I had tears in my eyes. It shows that there are still people left who are true and genuine. No matter how life and circumstances change, the love for the dear one never changes.

Nothing I say is going to do justice to this beautiful video, so I’m just going to leave it for you guys to watch.

So, never judge the world with the few bad experiences you see or feel, wait for the good and the best will happen to you :) Ending with a beautiful quote by Rob Bell, “Its easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time, but opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes and dreams…that is being naked…!!”

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