Top Struggles You Will Understand Only If You Stay Far Away From Family

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Do you live miles away from you home to pursue a job or study or even just for the sake of staying independent. Then this article is just meant for you. We have come up with the mere truths of how you feel staying away from home when time changes you into a different person all together. You start missing the weirdest of your relatives and sometimes think that they are not so bad.

These top struggles of staying far away from family will read you completely and make you nostalgic for a while.

Family is always something that makes you complete. No matter how much you fight with your mom you still love her the most. No matter how much less time you dedicate to your dad, he is still the hero you admire. No matter how much you curse you sister, she is till your best buddy and you look back to her when you need support. No matter how much you tease your brother, he is the one you love without expectations.

You don’t even realize how much they mean to you or how much they contribute to your mental and emotional well being until you’re cut off, and get to see them only a couple of times a year. Here are a few big struggles that people who live far away from family have to endure.

1. Feeling left out of family events

Oh look, another party on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #family that you couldn’t attend. Why do these things look far more fun than you remember them actually being? Even your rarely seen aunt’s drunken behavior which borders on the indecent is strangely missed.

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2. Forgetting what your relatives sound like

You used to be able to hear their strange tones when they pay a random visit to your home and speak everything thing possible about other’s life. Sometimes they are so much annoying and they could ask so stupid questions to you. In fact you would have warned your mother not to be in contact with them. You used to be so much pissed off with them. Not so much anymore.


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3. Skype, Face time, phone calls and what not?

You need a boost from an unfamiliar voice but you have no real, significant news to impart. It doesn’t matter, you’ll hang on the phone for as long as possible, even resorting to asking them to repeat childhood stories you’ve heard a million times before.

You might even bring up politics to keep you dad engaged in the conversation.

Are you an introvert? There’s nothing wrong in being an introvert. Read this article to know you better.

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4. You get irritated when you hear someone moan about a family dinner they have to attend

You’d love nothing more than to hear your grandparents bicker, your uncle insist that we do a few quizzes or have a game of Monopoly and to taste your mum’s roast chicken or the new style special briyani this weekend. Your urge to tell your colleague to pipe down is difficult to resist.

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5.  Birthdays being forgotten

You used to get so many card and presents. Now the best you can hope for is to get into double figures on the insincere Facebook ‘happy birthday hun, hope you’re well’ messages. And even those were prompted by Facebook reminders.

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6. You keep hearing about how you’ve changed and how weird you look and sound

Well, even though you mange being in touch on Skype and phone calls, your family is still surprised with your looks when you meet. The changed haircut, your new style of dressing, the food habits you have cultivated, the disciplined lifestyle you have started adapting. Your family is surprised for every little thing of yours’ and you feel like you are a new person to them now.

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7. The changing appearances of your family members 

And it goes the same with you. In spite of being in touch all through the year, when you look at you mom and dad during vacations, you feel like they are changing. And since when did your brother have a beard!? So many changes when you’re apart that you almost walk past your family when they meet you off the train.

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8. The pain of leaving family after a visit

Now, comes the most difficult times of your life. You spend just one day happily with your family and the rest of the days you always get reminded that you have to leave them again and go far away. This is the worst thing of a vacation, that it comes to an end so soon. And arrives for the next time very late.


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9. Friends become your family

You find yourself latching on to your mates as they are now officially your loved ones. They will have to accept that they have no choice but to adopt you.


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10. You start to miss the bad parts of home

While you lived there, you moaned about how boring it was, how everyone knew everyone else’s business and how frustrating your suffocating family were. Now you’d go back in a shot.

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11. You learn to appreciate your own company

You can’t pop round for a cuppa with mum or watch a film with your siblings. You learn surprisingly fast how to enjoy your own company. It’s never the same, but it’s an important survival skill for those who couldn’t feel further from their families.


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12. Questioning life choices

You often wonder if you did the right thing in leaving home for this new venture. But never forget that the miserable days pass and there was a reason you moved in the first place.

And you can never forget that no matter what happens, there is always a home waiting for you. And what a comforting thought it is.


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So, go for it…do you miss you home?  Call up and let them know how much you love your family. Share this beautiful article with your family & friends and make them feel loved!!

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