Top 12 Movies That Won The Most Oscars Ever

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Titanic (11)

Ever since this movie hit the theaters till the date, it has made a history from every perspective of cinema making. No wonder that this love story is one of the highest grossing movies of all time.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (11)

This is such a great story that millions of fans were waiting to have a watch. Being one of the greatest movies of the era, this ‘King’ won hearts and Oscars :)


West Side Story (10)

West Side Story is still one of the best film adaptations of a musical ever created, and the finest musical film of the 60’s. It arrived at a time when silver screen was realizing tremendous competition from TV and other genres of cinematic entertainment. A movie with 10 Oscars is truly worth it and much more.


The English Patient (9)

This award-winning adaptation of Michael Ondaatje’s novel about a doomed and tragic romance set against the backdrop of World War II.


The Last Emperor (9)

The Last Emperor is like an elegant travel brochure. It piques the curiosity. One wants to go. Ultimately it’s a epic of all time.


Gigi (9)

The High School Musical actress making her debut turn into an Oscar winning movie is truly a great success. Hats off to the director for providing a treat to the audience with this wonderful story. A well deserved 9 Oscars is what this movie owns.


Slumdog Millionaire (8)

This is an exciting story, heartbreaking and exhilarating at the same time. Trying to reveal the grounds of India, the director had made a great attempt to sustain the reality at the same time not offending the Indian audience.


Gandhi (8)

This story of an Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi on screen for 118 minutes will make you learn history and the beauty of tolerance. Gandhi was one of the most exhaustively thorough biopics ever winning 8 Oscars.


Gravity (7)

The film is all about hope and belief that one holds even though you feel lost. Why did you decide to keep going? It’s is a mystery as great as any in physics. This all time favorite takes a pride of 7 Oscars on its name.


Schindler’s List (7)

Schindler’s List is like no other Spielberg movie, purely a personal film. This movie holds a cast of thousands, is the first major Hollywood film seeking to depict the enormity of the Holocaust. 7 Oscars is what the director is rewarded for his brave move.


Forrest Gump (6)

A comedy, drama or a dream is what better describes this movie. Wonderful screenplay made this movie a special one winning 6 Oscars.


The Hurt Locker (6)

An intelligent film, shot clearly that deals with the mystery of why a man who likes to risk his life. A rare phenomenon caught all over the movies by the camera, is what makes this movie a great success.


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