Top 11 Things Santa Would do, if Santa Was a Software Engineer

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Christmas season rolling out, its time to think something out of the box. We are all familiar with the Santa Banta jokes. But have you ever imagined how would it be if Santa was a Software Engineer? Read through the funny things he would being an engineer.

1) Create a mobile app for kids to suggest their favorite gifts

He wouldn’t visit malls and have kids sit on his lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas, because that’s so inefficient and inexact. Instead, he’d write an app for the web and mobile devices where kids could enter specific product suggestions, along with links to online merchants.


2) Cloud Platform to store data

Th data collected would be aggregated in the cloud to enable large, bulk purchases at steep discounts.


3) Work remotely from cafés

While his headquarters would remain in the North Pole, Santa would “work remotely” for most of the year from cafés and beaches across the globe, where the weather and coffee was less miserable.

align thoughts-home-delivery

4) Make the best use of memory

He wouldn’t give the kids what they want, but would instead optimize for space. There would be a lot more gift cards and a lot fewer bikes.

align thoughts-santa-chrismtas-gift

5) Test cases to check the gift list

He wouldn’t have to check the Naughty/Nice list twice because he’d have unit tests to verify that the results were correct.

align thoughts-santa-test-cases

6) Santa would no more do home delivery

He wouldn’t deliver all the gifts manually; he’d write a script to do it. He’d set up data centers throughout the world to distribute the load and parallelize delivery, synchronizing per time zone and maximizing throughput while minimizing latency.


7) No reindeer’s to pull his sleigh. Use the drone instead.

He wouldn’t have reindeer pull his sleigh. He’d have a legion of quad copters doing the work, not because they’re better than flying reindeer, but just because they’re a lot cooler (and not as messy). Also, the GoPro videos are a lot more stabilized.


8) Santa uses night vision goggles with geo-location data overlays

He wouldn’t have Rudolph guide his sleigh because he’d use night vision goggles with geo-location data overlays, because it would be awesome. Besides, Rudolph’s a prima donna, and there’s only room on the team for one of those.


9) Software Engineer have cool dress sense. Santa bids bye to the boring red fur coat.

He wouldn’t wear a red fur coat, because that’s cruel to whatever red animal it came from. He’d probably wear a t-shirt, maybe with an ironic slogan on it, like “Ho Hum.” But he’d need a warm coat for the ride, so he’d probably get a fleece shell from REI and a hipster beanie (with an ironic pom-pom). Santa1

10) Santa keeps on looking for hike

Santa switches more than 2 companies every year and now he thinks that being a employee is so boring. Santa looks for his own business. Software industry make santa greedy :)


11) Release a beta version post Christmas

Christmas would slip, but we’d have a Beta version by the end of February, or March at the very latest.


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