Simple Yet Amazing Tips To Help You Save Money – A Lot Of It

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How to save money – a lot of!

The simple formula to save more money is to earn more. That’s a misnomer. It needs little correction. The simple formula to save more money is to earn more and spend less. So, your savings are dependant on two factors your income and expenditure. Eventually your lifestyle enhances in various modes that leads you to spend more and you hold no regrets about it. After a certain point in life, you cannot cut down your expenditures. So let’s first focus on how to increase your income.

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1. Earn more

You can earn more only when you make better investments. Time and money are the two most important factors one must invest upon.

  •  Time-investments

You will be thrilled to see gigantic raises in your income if you use your time wisely. Instead of consuming entertaining videos from YouTube invest your time in self-learning. All the top echelons in corporate sectors are held by thought-leaders. It just shows that your attitude overrides your academics. So, develop an attitude which will act as an asset to you. Better attitude means more happiness which translates to better productivity and hence ultimately astonishing results. You can learn almost any skill online today. It just requires your time and determination. You are just a click of button away to revolutionise your life.

  • Money-investments

Saving money is not as important as to where you invest it. Try to invest it at places where you will get returns no matter how minuscule! Stop investing heavily in consumerism. It just leads to instant gratification and puts you in a situation to demand more.

2. Save at a constant rate

Make it a hardcore habit to save at least 10% of what you earn each month. Let there be no aberrations. Since you have committed to invest in time and money wisely so the same 10% would appreciate in future. Keep re-investing those 10% of your income. The great thing is that though you are keeping aside 10% of what your earn but still your lifestyle gets improved! 


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Now lets consider you have increased your income exponentially and you are still  unable to save money. Then its time for you to take a look at where you spend your money. For instance if a person earning 1 lakh per month spends 99 thousand, then he will merely have 1000 bucks with him. This is when your expenses matter.

So learn how to save money by embracing these simple yet brilliant tips to become rich.

1. Delay your gratification

Never be impulsive in purchasing. May be Apple is launching I phone-6 but before you buy it ask yourself – do I really need this? If yes, then buy it after a month or two when it’s value has depreciated. Be wise in selecting when you must buy things. Say for instance you can shop for winter clothes during the month of April as winter clothes would be on clearance sale. The ideal way to save money on shopping is to shop as much as you can during the season sale.

2. Avoid using Credit card

Do not buy what you cannot afford to. Credit cards are just crazy things that can make you believe that you can buy anything. To some extent you can. But before you use it you must ask yourself – can I really afford it? A Canadian philosopher rightly said, “Money is just the poor man’s credit card”. This is so true and clearly what he says is, if you are not able to buy something with cash, it means you cannot afford it.


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3. Stoic Philosophy

Stoics used to live few days in a month without materialistic luxuries like a pauper to experience how life is at the bottom strata of the society. It allowed them to appreciate their life more which resulted into more happiness. Why you want to save more money? To buy all the luxuries of life or to have a sense of security? Whatever may be the reason try living few days as a stoic and discard materialist things. You will be a renewed person. After such constant practices you may start to save 20-30% of your income as your urge to own materialistic things may go down.

4. Keep money in the bank

There are good chances that if you keep your money in cash with you- you will soon exhaust it all. So, keep your money in your bank account. Withdraw only the required amount when need be.

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5. Use cash for big expenses 

On the contrary to the above note, we encourage you to use cash when you are buying things that are way more expensive than the normal daily expenses. Purchase products like a mobile phone or a DSLR camera, which cost more than the usual expenses using cash and not debit or credit card. By doing so you realise how much you spend and naturally you keep track of your expenses.

6. Keep money and forget about it

Suppose you take out a 500 bucks and buy things out of it for around 350 bucks. Instead of keeping 150 bucks at a certain place keep it in any bag, in the pocket of shirt or in book. Next time take a fresh note of 500 bucks when you go out. And keep what is left after spending to again somewhere and forget about it. After 10-15 days when you would check that bag or book you will be thrilled to see lots of money because we do forget the exact frequency of how many times we kept money there and in what amount! That’s simply magic. The basic idea is to keep your income at a fixed place and what is left after spending each day at random places which you will forget.


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Happy Saving!


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