Roles of a Woman – A Daugther, A Mother, A Sister, A Wife, A Friend Or A Dead Fetus?

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Oh  yeah, how could I forget this day? Today is my birthday. I reckon, I must be older by now. But I still cherish those beautiful days of my childhood, when I was pampered by everyone around me. Mama and Papa, who love me as if I am the only girl on this planet. To them I was no less than a cute little angel. My naughty grandparents who played more pranks than me and helped me get through my parents when I am caught. My only sweet brother, who is still longing for those cute little fights with me. I assume he loves me more than he loves his girlfriend. I was never ever sad, when I was around these loving people. I feel so much blessed, cared and loved.

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My presence filled everyone’s heart with bliss. It brightened our home, colored our hearts and enlightened our soul.  My childhood also had a very great impact on me. It was a lovely neighborhood which gifted me good friends. It is this place where I got my ‘partner in crime’. I never backed down in any of the sports including ‘Kabadi’. And my mohalla boys were envy about it. Things were really going good until when I had to begin a new phase of my life. Yes, it was my school – the first day when I cried to go to school leaving my family and the last day when I cried to leave my school and all of its golden memories.

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Days have passed so long away in a blink of an eye. I still clearly remember the days when we used to play pranks on our professor, who turned out to be our great friend and mentor. Sharing lunch boxes and exploring different food in the canteen was when I realized that cooking is an art. It has to do a lot with creativity and patience, which I think I lack a lot. Perhaps, its not my cup of tea. And that’s why I have turned out to be a so called “tom boy”, who can bowl better than anyone and be a champ of Kabadi. Yes, I now play Kabadi representing my college.


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Although I am a middle class girl who faces all those odd questions about your choice in life, I kept doing what I loved. My parents are so proud of me for just qualifying the state level candidates for Kabadi. My dad feels like a Super Hero and walks with pride  for bringing me up. He even brags about me at all his business meetings and offers his clients with crazy business deals just as a token of celebrating my success. I wonder what would they do now when I have really won the national match and acclaimed so much glory to the country. Indeed my dad must be a SUPER HERO!

Those are the days when I realized that women are actually stronger than men. Emotionally men are weak and long for care and bonding. I was blessed to have met the love of my life and he loves me more than anything else in this world. Together we both have discovered, life is so damn beautiful when you are around your loved ones.


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I have been cursing this society for making it a practice for the girl to leave her family post  marriage. And now I am here missing my “in-laws” when I have come home to spend some time with my mom at my home. My mind is playing around with thoughts, when my husband and father-in-law scared the shit out of me, when I was in the kitchen. On yeah, I forgot to tell you, I was wrong that I didn’t have patience. I think I have tons of it  within me. And that’s why I am a great cook now, who always wins gifts from her father-in-law for preparing an awesome dish – completely healthy and equally delicious.

Famous poet Shakespeare says, All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players, They have their exists and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts.

Looking back, I wish I wish I just wish, I have been playing so many parts as I described. If and only if I wasn’t killed in the womb for being a girl child.

Queen Victoria, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, Mirabai, Marie Curie, Annie Besant, Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Malala Yousafzai – I wish I could be one of them. I regret for not being given a chance. I regret for not being a part of this world. I regret that the world understands that being a girl is so much empowering and beautiful. And yes it was my birthday – “as a girl”! and the day when I was killed for – “being a girl”.

I wish I stepped into this beautiful world to just add more beauty…..

 (the words of a dead fetus being killed for being a girl)


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