Why Women Must Ask This Question To Yourself? #OneDayIWill….

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Women have come a long way in this world, and rightfully so that progress is honored every year on March 8. What is International Women’s Day, you may ask?


International Women’s Day is all about to appreciate the hard work made by previous generations women in the fight for gender equality.


Obviously, we don’t need a designated holiday to celebrate the ongoing strength and courage of women, because women are so amazingly awesome that we should be celebrated every single day, but it’s nice to have a day explicitly to celebrate their success and womanhood.

Watch the Google’s amazing video for Women and their dreams.

This year there is a Google Doodle marking the celebration featuring women and girls across the world who complete the sentence ‘One day I will’, talking about their dreams and ambitions.


Google visited 13 countries and spoke to 337 women to create the video. Their goals varied from “swimming with pigs in the Bahamas” to “giving a voice to those girls who can’t speak”.

Women and girls who are inspired by the doodle are encouraged to take to Twitter to share their own aspirations with the hashtag #OneDayIWill.

Go comment below as well tweet with hashtag #OneDayIWill, sharing your dreams and wishes you want to conquer this year. Share with your friends soon and spread the love.

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Wish you a Happy International Women’s Day :) 


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