Millennials Show Us What They Believe ‘Old’ Looks Like

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According to you and me, people around the age of 50 to 60 maybe considered as ‘old’. Also most of us think that people can’t do things by themselves after a certain age group. They assume aged groups are not capable enough. But if you are thinking so, then you need to redefine your thoughts. Because this beautiful video is going to teach you amazing things about growing older and how important it is not to let your age define your strengths and not to just stop living life.

Don’t delay. Just enjoy the clipping.

Disrupt Aging, the newly released book by Jo Ann Jenkins, takes a look at how the concept of aging has changed over time. She also examines strategies people of any age can employ in order to live their best life at every age. So, don’t just stop because you are growing old.

You actually become OLD, when you STOP!!

Check the video out above and also here: What is Old? 

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