India In a Day – Capture the Story of Evolving India and Google will film it for you. Hurry up and submit your footage until 17th October.

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This October grab your cameras or cell phones and film an entire day! Whether you are socializing with friends, or just doing chores of the day or it’s a boring day at office or maybe it’s your marriage day – just shoot it!

Google has launched a special project, which aims to determine what and how much has changed in India, via a short crowd-sourced documentary film called‘India in a Day’.

India in a Day will be the story of evolving India, filmed by people across the country on a single day.
It’s for ‘India in a day’, a film the internet giant, Google is making on the country.

As the name suggests, the idea is to show the “story of evolving India” from your lens, from your perspective and from your day to day life. Nothing extra to do, but just express what you feel about your country.

The film will reflect different lives and perspectives of Indians on a particular day, at a time when the country is developing at a rapid pace and undergoing technological advancement like never before such that it has altered the way people have been living their lives, from the mundane to the profound.

New and interesting as it sounds, ‘India In a Day’ has equally interesting minds behind it. Presented by Google, the film will be executive produced by Ridley Scott (Director of ‘The Martian’) and Anurag Kashyap, and will be directed by Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta. Zoya Akhtar, Shekhar Kapur and R Balki are creative consultants for the film.

In a video montage posted on Google India’s YouTube page, the filmmakers have urged Indians to “help them in showing what life in evolving India is”.

“But make sure, whatever you film, it’s personal. It’s your point of view,” is a piece of advice they want to give you.
The most striking and compelling videos will be pieced together in the end to show to the world ‘India In a Day’. And the best bit is, it will be filmed by nobody else, but ‘YOU’!

And the good news is you have until 17th October to submit your footage to be part of the final film, ‘India in a Day‘.

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