Illuminati – The Conspiracy Theory Running the WORLD? 15 Awesome Facts you must know about Illuminati.

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Illuminati goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. They’re the shadowy group who control every aspect of our lives. They dictate what’s in the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the news we read. They’ve pulled the strings on all of history’s major events, they observe satanic rituals, and they’ll happily kill to preserve their secrecy.

Go for it and read the facts you must know about Illuminati to better understand them.

1) Illuminati Means “The Enlightened Ones”. A Group Who Know More Than The Rest Of Society

The Illuminati likes to keep itself hidden off as a secret group which any outsider cannot infiltrate – and the meaning of the organisation’s name reflects this. “Illuminati” literally means “enlightened” in Latin – and supposedly contains members who are better informed and more knowledgeable than those are not in the organisation.
Hopefully that information makes you more enlightened, anyway!



2) They Are Actually A Non-Religious Sect. So Claims They Carry Out Christian Deeds Are False

In popular culture – including in the film and book “Angels and Demons” – the Illuminati are often portrayed as a religious order, sometimes even with links to the papacy and the Catholic Church.
However, the Illuminati was actually set up as a secular, non-religious sect who wanted to dismiss religious influence over public life and state power. Unlikely that the Pope is going to be a member, don’t you think?



3) The Illuminati Was Actually Formed In Opposition To Superstition… Yet It Has Become The Stuff Of Legend

Another one of the founding principles of the Illuminati that is misunderstood is that it was against superstition and “obscurantism” – which is when facts are deliberately withheld from the public.
Ironically, the Illuminati has become one of the most mysterious and unusual groups in the world – almost the stuff of legend – and so is almost in opposition to its own founding principles.

4) The Illuminati Has Not Officially Existed Since 1785… But Many Groups Claim To Be Off-Shoots

First established in Bavaria in May 1776, the Illuminati in its original form lasted just nine years before it was outlawed in 1785. If the Illuminati does still exist, then it really is an underground movement.


5) There Are Three Classes In The Order Of The Illuminati

In January 1782, the Illuminati in its original form published a three-tiered system of grades for the order.
This three-tiered system established a hierarchy within the organisation, and the classes were:
Class I – “The Nursery” (containing the Noviciate, the Minerval and Illuminatus minor).
Class II – “The Masonic Grades” (this involved three “blue-lodge” sub-grades of Apprentice, Companion and Master).
Class III – “The Mysteries” (lesser mysteries included Priest and Prince, while the greater mysteries included Mage and King).
But the question is, does such a hierarchy still remain in place to this day?

6) Allegedly Members Of The Illuminati Have Already Infiltrated Every Level Of Worldwide Society

In fact, the US government, the Vatican City, NATO, the UN, Hollywood and global media outlets are just some of the prominent and powerful groups who have supposedly been infiltrated – or even initially established – by the Illuminati.
Allegedly, because this group controls the government and all forms of media, that is the reason why this conspiracy is able to be kept under wraps and people just go about their everyday lives without realizing the Illuminati is running a global empire.

7) The Illuminati Allegedly Control The Banks And Big Business. And That’s How The Conspiracy Is Financed

You’re thinking: “How could the Illuminati possibly have the resources to run a conspiracy on a global scale?” Well, because they allegedly control most of the money too.
The biggest banks in the world and the leading global businesses supposedly have connections dating back to the formation of the original Illuminati in Bavaria – and allegedly finance the conspiracy’s activities accordingly.
No reason has ever been given as to why such a conspiracy is needed if they already own the money-making businesses, but those are the allegations



8) The Illuminati Have Been Blamed For Such Historic Events As The Assassination Of JFK, The Battle Of Waterloo And The French Revolution

Famously, some conspiracy theorists claimed the Illuminati orchestrated the 9/11 terror attacks and that it was not actually Al Qaeda. Others have claimed that President George W Bush was a member of the Illuminati and that he deliberately orchestrated the attacks for his own political means.
Other historic events that the Illuminati have supposedly been responsible for include the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963 (given extra credence due to the fact there remains evidence a second shooter was present), Emperor Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, as well as the French Revolution itself.


9 ) Alleged Members Include Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga. And The Pope!!!

Interestingly, the Pope is another alleged member – despite the fact the organisation is anti-religion by nature – as is Barack Obama.


10) Theories Tell That The Illuminati Runs The US Government?

Theories That The Illuminati Runs The US Government Originate From The Fact The Declaration Of Independence was Signed Just Months After The Organisation Was Formed. The Illuminati secret society was founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 – and, just two months later, on July 4, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by a Continental Congress to establish the original thirteen states of the USA.

Due to the fact the Declaration of Independence came just two months after the formation of the Illuminati, many conspiracy theorists have suggested that some members of the secret organisation were involved in the original establishment of the United States of America.

These theorists then claim that members of the Illuminati have remained as prominent government figures in the USA – in both the Democratic and Republican parties – ever since, and that they are therefore pushing their own secret agenda on to a worldwide scale.


11) The Freemasons And The Illuminati Are Not The Same Organisation
Another common misconception – that some people think the Illuminati want you to believe – is that the Freemasons and the Illuminati are one and the same. In fact, the Freemasonry is a separate organisation altogether, although it does share many common principles with the Illuminati.


12) Illuminati Mythology Does Not Actually Feature Satanism Or Blood Sacrifice
You could better relate this if you would have watched “Angels and Demons” or any other film which depicts the Illuminati as some sort of satanic cult sacrificing humans to Beelzebub would be forgiven for thinking this is exactly what the organisation is – but this is simply untrue.

13) The Original Illuminati Symbol Was Not The “All-Seeing Eye” Or A Pyramid, But An Owl
The symbols that have come to be associated with the Illuminati are the “All-Seeing Eye” and a spooky pyramid – but they were not the first emblem adopted by the group.


14) The “All-Seeing Eye” Features On US Bank Notes, Which Is Why Some Believe The Federal Reserve Is Under Illuminati Control

Seen on the reverse of the note just above the unfinished pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye features on all one-dollar bills in the USA. Is the US government – AKA (allegedly) the Illuminati – really keeping tabs on the whole population?


15) The Illuminati Supposedly Create Their Own False Conspiracy Theories So That People Fail To Learn Of Their Existence

It is alleged that Illuminati members invent false conspiracy theories in order to discredit the real global plot that they are involved in – and to confuse those who are getting close to discovering the truth.














There is some reason behind everything happening this world. But its up to you to decide what the reason is…

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