If You Think Only Women Can Be Feminists, Then You Are Probably Wrong.Here’s Why.

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Whilst many of us consider the concept of feminism being redundant, here I bring in front of you, the most interesting things either you may be unaware of feminists or you are misunderstanding the concept of feminism.

By definition, the term “feminism” can be termed as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. In short feminism actually means “gender equality”.

For All The Men Out There, Here’s Why You Must Call Yourself A Feminist. You can thank me later ! :)

If You Think Only Women Can Be Feminists, Then You Are Probably Wrong. Here’s Why.

Feminism is for EVERYONE, Not only women.

First and foremost, lets be clear. Feminism is for everyone. It can be men, gays, lesbians or anyone. It does not represent only for women. The term feminism means “gender equality”. Being said that, you can scream out to welcome feminism, if your workplace does not offer promotions to men so easily. Or if you are penalized by the policemen quite often just for sake that you are a man. Yes, you read it right. Men can also fight for their rights in the name of feminism. So PLEASE STOP “assuming that only a women can be a feminist”. You guys can also be a feminist demanding more social benefits from the government as that of women. In that case, even men will be called as feminists, just for the fact that they are demanding for gender equality.

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Feminist do not hate MEN.

Being a hard core feminist, I do not have the mantra of being anti-men or so. Bitching about other men or preventing the growth of men cannot make women progress. Neither am I unhappy for their success and accolades. I do acknowledge and encourage them. So we are not against men. After all, women have the tendency to compete amongst each other rather than men. So you guys stay calm and do not complain that feminist are against the growth of men.

Men and women must be strong, sensitive and supportive to each other. No matter how unique both men and women are, togetherness increases their soul strengths.

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A true feminist do not want to be anti-men, to be a pro-women. Emma Watson for instance is an active feminist, but you must be aware that she does not deny to embrace men.

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It’s a fight for freedom and liberty.

Feminism is just not greater than the fact that women do wanna possess rights and equality in their lives as that of men. Just as my brother is encouraged to pursue higher education, so am I, who wish to continue my passion and live my dreams. This in no sense means that, I do not want  my brother to continue his higher education. No, I do not fight for his liberty to be abandoned, rather wanting my liberty being delivered in order to take a call on my life decisions and thoughts in action.

I just don’t understand the fact that women are being labelled as less powerful, or they are not let do things on their own. For instance, women are forced to be married at a very young age than men, women are not allowed to work in many departments as that of men. In spite of this fact there are millions of women stepping into the most dangerous and challenging job profiles in the world, lest the world believe women are weak. Women are not paid as equal to men in a lot of industries just for the fact that they are women.

So, a true feminist is fighting for these significant rights, to attain equality and ease the lives of other women in this world. Feminists do not believe women are superior to men. If there is a gay movement, it signifies that gays are under privileged in the society. Same is the case for the women movement, the so called feminist movement. All this is happening due to the fact of hidden misogyny in the society.

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Feminists are not sex haters

By now, you must be clear with the theory of feminism yet the most influential truth to be aware of, is the fact that feminists are not sex haters. They do not disagree to get married, settle down with family or to have an active sex life by their own will and not being forced by someone. Someday I can choose to give up my job, but that doesn’t mean that I am no more a feminist. It’s my decision to take care of my kid and I am happy for it.

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There can be a lot of diverse nature of feminists. Women who are feminists can be a single mother or happily married with a partner, they can be sexually more attractive or they can wear a veil, they can be a pop star or they can be a nerd scientist, they can be religiously faithful or a complete atheist. So there are millions of a kind of feminist. You cannot define feminists to be of a particular genre. What is common among all these women is the fact that, they want gender equality.

Of course not all men are sexist and not every single women will be against it either.

Not Every Women is a Feminist

Yes, there are women, who think that the fight for feminism is not their cup of tea, nor do they think that there is ever a need for feminism in this planet. May be they do not believe in the concept or the cause of feminism. But yes there are men and women who know what exactly does feminism mean and still do not support or fight for it, then its his/her choice. We, in this world cannot force someone to be something. There must be a cause within their heart for being on the same page as others in the society do.

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So lets stop fighting among each other if we are in support or against feminism. According to me its just a label which few accept whilst few deny. But within our souls everyone wants to have equality, love for each other.

Adding on to it, there a yet great men on this planet who want their women to be successful, more powerful and insanely intelligent. I thank all those men who understand the need for women’s rights and independence. So if you ever want equality and fair rules for every gender on this planet, by all means, go ahead and call yourself a feminist.

Equality and empowerment for women are as important as they are for men!

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