Here’s Why Yoga Is Not Just About Physical Exercise

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Yoga is a part and parcel of today’s lifestyle and there is no denying the fact that even in this state of pollution, it has the capability of keeping us healthy and helps us remain up on our feet all the time. Now the interpretation of Yoga is done by various people in a number of ways- some even say that it is a form of exercise. But you must know that Yoga is not just any form of exercise and this fact might bewilder you. Today we are going to talk about the various interpretations of yoga and we will also let you know about the reason why Yoga is something more than the normal exercises that we do on a daily basis.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. There is a broad variety of Yoga schools, practices, and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Among the most well-known types of yoga are Hatha yoga and Rāja yoga

Why yoga is not just an exercise:

  • Yoga is an experience

    It is easy to exercise once you learn it in the proper way, but in order to do yoga in the most perfect manner, one has to gain experience over the years. It is not just about performing some bodily postures, but the feeling of yoga is indeed ecstatic and it has to be felt from the heart of the individual. There are some advanced staged of yoga in which the person has to immerse himself completely and then only he will be able to perform the Yogic art.

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  • Yoga is not just about bodily fitness, but it also about spiritual unification

    It is not only enough to have physical fitness if the mind is wandering off and stressed. Yoga not only helps in eliminating bodily ailments, but also takes care of the mind. Performing yoga can be strenuous since it needs ample concentration so that the body and the soul are in parallel levels and unified in a manner so that there is a scope for spiritual elevation along with a fit body.

Woman practicing yoga on the beach
Woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset in Koh Chang, Thailand

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  • Yoga is a form of meditation

    Yoga is all about discipline and proper way of living- it is not only about a series of actions to be done daily. In order to do the correct Yogic art, you have to follow the Yama and the Niyama- the two principles mandate for overall development for the individual. Of course the postures of yoga are exercising, but one should not limit it to the exercise only- rather, make sure than you take up yoga as a holistic practice.

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  • Yoga has been a part of an individual from the time of birth

    If you have noticed new born babies; you must have seen how they take deep breaths in and out. Thus yoga is never taught, but is an innate capacity of every human being which needs to be manifested to the fullest. Yoga has also been a part of the Indian mythology and epic Mahabharata and has been depicted to be a skill in itself. A part of Yoga is definitely exercised, but Yoga in itself is a huge term that is to be experienced through the years.

As an end note, we must add the fact that Yoga is a practice that helps eliminating all chances of illness – in fact it has been believed to relieve people of some chronic diseases like arthritis, obesity and so on. You just have to have the patience and discipline in you to practice it. Embrace yoga and experience a better life mentally and physically.

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