Here is what you have to do right now. Go watch the ‘Sherlock’ christmas special trailer

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Are you a Sherlock fan? Even if not, you will be one after watching this. Then there is some really cool stuff down here for you. Christmas can’t come soon enough, it would seem. Today, the BBC released the first full trailer for the Sherlock Christmas Special, which will feature Benedict Cumberbatch‘s titular detective and Watson (Martin Freeman) working a case in the 19th century.

The overall tone of the few scenes and images that are teased in the trailer is far more grim than prior episodes of the sensational BBC series, but then, Season 3 of Sherlock certainly ended on a particularly gloomy moment. Then again, the Christmas Special doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the series and to hear Moffatt tell it, that’s exactly how he and Gatiss wanted the Special to come off. At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, he went on ad nauseum about how he envisioned the Special as a unique one-off, a project done mostly for the fun of the idea.

The problem is that, from the looks of it, it’s not quite as much fun as lugubrious crime plotting. “Every war has its suicide mission,” says Sherlock at one point and there’s just a hint of machismo in that bit of dialogue, as if he were trying to pull a John McClane-type one-liner. Nevertheless, this is the first new entry in the Sherlock canon since the superb Season 3 closer, and the understatement could be that you are just excited after watching this release.


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