13 Fascinating Things You Must Know About Swedes

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1) Quality of life in Sweden is amazing

Swedes live in modern society yet maintain their ancient culture. They enjoy working 8 hours a day as well as spend healthy and quality time with their family. Swedes respect their rich heritage while embracing modern innovation.


2) It’s time to ride a BMW

There is a very small “lower class” as a percentage of society. The “middle class” here is virtually everyone. And you cannot differentiate between people who are rich and poor. Almost every one in Sweden rides a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.


3) Pay high taxes and relax

Taxes are high, but they are used for really good universal health care, free university, a plethora of social programs to help people get skills and jobs and opportunities. Salaries might be low relative to the cost of living, but the average Swede makes far more money than the average North American, for example. And most Swedish families have two working parents, so as a household, most families have plenty of money.


4) Friday’s are for party

Swedes do drink quite often. Like water is to plants, beer is same for Swedes. The taxes on alcohol are high, so the bars are expensive, but the liquor store prices are not much more than anywhere else. You can find several places of the city and trams crowded on a Friday night, which is not the case on weekdays :)

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5) Fall in love if you are single

Not to mention the fact that almost all Swedes are good looking, healthy, pretty liberal and tolerant, and more self aware than a lot of cultures. Worth mentioning about the fact that, Swedish girls have the prettiest eyes in the world. So if you are still single, its time to mingle 😛


6) Honesty is the best policy in Sweden

They take care of each other, they’re honest, and in Sweden the “honor system” actually works.


7) Discovery for mankind

The Swedish lifestyle is well-supported, and it’s a country that solved most of the basic problems a long time ago. So the things that people are concerned about are genuinely “first world problems”. It is certainly worth looking at the Swedes as an example of a society, which is the birth place of social security and dynamite that has a lot of things figured out.

The famous inventions of Sweden include Dynamite, Skype, Volvo, Machine-gun, Ultrasound/ECG.



8) Work life balance in Sweden is amazing

Rather than being lazy, Swedes are very good at making time for their kids and smart psychological choices. There is an official holiday to do sports, and Swedes enjoy 5 weeks of paid vacation from work. Many families have a country house to get out of the city and enjoy nature. And not necessarily they get out of the city to enjoy vacations. Probably someone can just spend time cutting down trees at the garden back home or clean that attic where one has lot of memorable things stored.

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9) How about Belief in God? Most of the Swedes are Atheist. 

And one more interesting fact is the general lack of religion. While there are certainly strong beliefs within immigrant groups and a small minority of Swedish Christians, 80% of the country is atheist. And while many highly-religious people claim that it is a source of inspiration, one must recognize that religious beliefs also have a high “guilt factor” in their rules, they tend to create social pressures rather than solutions. I think atheism contributes to the fact that Swedes are incredibly practical and self-aware in general. There is a strong sense of design, usefulness, and simplicity in a lot of products and services in Sweden (Ikea for example).


The above phrase in the image means “God probably does not exist”

10) Swedes are disciplined by nature

Right from the traffic and government rules to the meeting timings, Swedes follow discipline in every aspect. They are punctual and appreciate you to be the same.

11) Silence is golden

It’s okay not to speak every second of the moment if you are sitting with a Swedish friend. They just enjoy a bit of silence and converse slowly.

silence12) Fika is a tradition

Swedes love coffee and they rejoice it with a fika (a coffee break) every week. They take a break from work to sit down and talk in a profound experience called fika. It’s FIKA time :)

13) Swedes are stylish

Be it on a normal office day or a celebration at the neighborhood, you can find Swedes to be stylish and well dressed. Usually cities like Rome, Venice or Paris comes into picture when talking about style, but Swedes do have their own ultra modern, sleek style. Adding to that, being stylish in Sweden is costly as well. Be prepared if you are one of that style freaks.
















So you know most of the things about the Swedes. Its time to get a Swedish friend now!!

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