Do you suffer from disturbed sleep every night? Here are some simple tips that’ll help you get a sound sleep and relive stress

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Suffering from sleepless nights? Staring at the wall all night? Checking time again and again waiting to doze off? Does that define your life? Well, you are not alone, millions of people all over the world struggle to fall asleep every night.

With your achy body and that busy mind of yours a peaceful night’s slumber is out of the question, here are some simple tips that’ll help you get a sound sleep and relive stress:

1) Is it noon already? Put that coffee mug down!

After consumption caffeine stays in our system for about 8 to 14 hours. The effects might be different for each individual, but in most cases, if you are suffering from disturbed sleep, you must completely eliminate caffeine after noontime and see how that improves your sleep. When I say caffeine it doesn’t just mean giving up on coffee you must also avoid other sources like tea and chocolates. My advice – switch to healthier alternatives like green tea or herbal coffee.


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2) Shake your bon bon!

Shake it up a little with some workout or a brisk walk. Exercise improves your sleep. The harder you work out the more your body needs rest and sleep, also exercise and walks can help in relieving stress! All you need to do is eliminate those elements from your life style that affect your sleep quality during night. This means engaging in morning workouts to relieve stress, doing some meditation in the evening to stay calm and productive. A word of caution – don’t break too much of a sweat just before hitting the sack as it may make it harder to doze off.


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3) It’s time for a bedtime ritual!

You need to prepare a relaxing ritual for bedtime. A routine like such means keeping yourself away from you favorite TV show, cutting the chord from social media exposure, staying away from bright lights, all in all, avoid anything and everything that causes excitement, anxiety or angst, as such emotions can make it harder to fall asleep.

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4) No more takeaways for dinnertime!

Say goodbye to those takeaways or rajma chawal for dinner if you want a good night’s sleep. Instead consume foods rich with nutrients that support sleep, including magnesium, melatonin and tryptophan. For supper, have a blend of complex carbohydrates and proteins. If you have a sweet tooth go for frozen yogurt or coconut milk with fresh cherries.

5) What about your mattress?

If you have tried all the above options and still didn’t catch an ounce of sleep, then I suppose a check for your mattress and pillows is in order. You may not realize this but a major factor affecting your sleep quality could be your uncomfortable mattresses and pillows. For an undisturbed slumber you need a supportive and comfortable mattress. The mattress or pillows you’ve been using for years might have run its course – Even a good quality mattress has a life expectancy of just 9 to 10 years – how old is yours?


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6) Right nostril breathing – NO MORE!

Avoid breathing through your right nostril; you can use your right thumb to press the nostril. Now take slow and deep breaths from your left nostril. Breathing with your left nostril has a relaxing and soothing affect on your mind and body. Taking 26 deep breaths form left nostril produces a comforting effect according to Kundalini Yoga, try it tonight and see how it helps in reducing stress and promoting sound sleep.

To conclude let me share some ten quick fixes for an undisturbed sleep:

  1. Hit the sack as early as you possibly can.
  2. Keep a consistent bedtime.
  3. Don’t consume fluids two hours prior to going to bed.
  4. Use the restroom right before bed.
  5. Avoid snacks with sugars and grains.
  6. A hot shower or sauna can be really helpful.
  7. Try wearing socks to bed.
  8. Use an eye mask.
  9. Put on some relaxing music.
  10. Read a spiritual book, rather read anything (can’t stress this one enough!)

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