Do Long Distance Relationships Really Survive? 6 Things That Will Help Your Long Distance Relationship Work

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To fall in love with someone is so damn easy. It’s like a natural phenomenon, which requires no special tricks or hacks to accomplish. Whereas, to be in love with someone is by far the most challenging part in one’s life. ‘Love’ in this context I mean, is the true love, not the one you find on tinder these days. I have come across some couples who celebrate their break-up party even before they declare that they are in a relationship. But if you get off on the wrong foot with someone, probably you have no better choice. It’s nothing either good or bad. It’s just the way things are happening presently. We are all in this era where things are meant to be more practical rather than emotional. Instead you are labelled to be an emotional fool.

Coming back to the question. Do long distance relationships(LDR) really survive? And the answer is ‘YES’. Apparently that is not the case for all LDRs, but they are not likely to be in demise of one’s hopes. According to statistics for the year 2016, 14 million people in the U.S considered themselves in a long distance relationship. So you are not all alone in the kingdom of LDR. Among whom almost 4.5 are in an unmarried status. If you are in a university, then here’s great news for you, a third of all people who claim they are in this type of relationship say these are college relationships. The number of long distance relationships has been on rise during recent years due to growing demands to join the military or an university or pursue a dream job. These are the major reasons for couples to choose long distance. Interestingly, the internet also counts to this factor as people get closer online with complete strangers sitting just on the other side of this planet.

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If it is true love, distances does not matter at all. Although, being physically apart makes it tougher for fruitful communication, you still stay tied up if you have the will to do it. All you need is build trust and commitment. Here’s how to stay loved, no matter how many oceans or miles separate you and your partner.

1) Be Patient

No matter how bad your day was or how angry your partner is. Just be patient for a while. When in a long distance relationship, its easy to fall under the trap of misconception leading to confront. Your partner is not spending time with you instead socializing more with friends? Or she is doing just the opposite and killing all of your leisure time making things difficult for you? What ever may be the concern, being patient can solve half of the issues. Stay calm and express views in a friendly way. Try to gain empathy and things will bring a better change.

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2) Keep It Real

On the contrary, trying to fake around is also not a good idea. Perhaps it means you are not living a true relationship. It’s just like idealizing your partner. That is not going to help you in a long run. You must learn to convey the right things at the right time. When you have serious issues, there is no better deal than to confess it. Although it sounds a bit complicated, long distance relationship does not work is still a myth.

3) Start And End Your Day Together

This of course is not possible for all the geographical locations on this planet. But, trying to incorporate this practice will perhaps help you gain delight. For instance, your day just started, but it maybe already noon for your partner. That’s okay. Drop a good morning note with your lovely words. Similarly end your day together with those beautiful words ‘I love you’. These small habits not only act as pillars on which your love builds, but also boost your feeling of togetherness and welcomes strength in your emotional bonding.

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4) Be Supportive

If you succeed a long distance relationship, then there is nothing on this planet that can demolish your relationship. Yes, long distance relationships are that crucial. Highlight your presence in the most trivial times. Let’s say your  partner is going to present a inter-college seminar, be there for your partner, throw words of encouragement that will turn him/her more brazen. Together applaud each other’s efforts and celebrate each other’s small steps of success towards the path of your dreams.

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5) Drop In Random Surprises

Sitting back waiting for a special occasion to send in gifts is not going to help you. Instead drop random surprises on any random day. It’s just a way to convey your partner that you miss and love them. If you are staying in a reachable distance, then travel to her . It’s a magical moment that makes both of you cherish it forever and you would thank yourself for doing it. Sending useful day-to-day gifts probably can increase your physical presence as the present which you gifted brings your thoughts to your partner when looking at it or using it often. This signifies that you still love and care your partner the same way, you did when you both departed.

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6) Be There When Your Partner Falls Ill

You miss your loved ones the most when you are sick, You may feel like to just go back to them. You feel trapped in the kingdom of isolation. This is natural. So, when your loved ones fall ill, make sure you take a day off from work/university just to make them feel better and strong. Also if you guys have a common friend of your’s, request your friend to take care of your partner if things permit.

Bringing in all these long distance relationships hacks into your love life can make your love story end like a fairy tale...’and they lived happily forever’

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After all, if it is meant to be, it WILL be….No matter what. Not the sun and the moon can make you separated. Now that you have superb ingredients, why not make some awesome food. Keep loving and sharing our thoughts with your friends and family.

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