Come Back Messi!! We Love You! You Will Always Be Our Hero, No Matter What

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After playing the downhearted match against Chile for the Copa America tournament, Messi comes to a contrived settlement that he is retiring from the National team and will not play for the International football games. While talks have been unrolling across one part of the world, putting the Argentinian player down and denouncing his skills and capabilities, there is the other side of the world roaring love and compassion for him the same way as expressed from day one.

Lionel Messi, is one such star who holds equal number of lovers and followers, as much as haters and abusers. Although both the numbers are as massive as an ocean. Losing to Chile, for the third time has more defeat to him more than anybody else in the team of Argentina. Heart broken and shattered, this marvelous champion deserves more respect from his fellow beings for a number of reasons.

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Guinness World Records title for the most goals in a year (2012) 91 goals, Only player in history to score 40+ club goals in 7 consecutive seasons, Youngest player to win 3 Ballon d’Or awardsYoungest player ever to score 400+ goals for a single European clubAll time highest goalscorer in La Liga – 312 goals, All time Barcelona top scorer in all games – 481 goals. The list of his accolades goes on and on and on….. like a never ending tale.

This is just a glimpse of his achievements and they are enormously spellbind. It would cost an arm and a leg for anyone of us to do this at such an young age as Messi’s.

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Oh our dear Messi, come back and be crazy.
Your penalties may not hit the goal, but you are always in our soul.
You are no less than any rock star, that has come so far.
You play so cool tricks, that leaves players stay behind in a blink.
You belong not only to Barcelona or Argentina, but Indiana and Botswana.
You are not just a champion of league, but also a falchion of rogue.
Oh our dear Messi, please come back and be crazy.


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Everyone has good and bad days. There’s no big deal in Messi having one. As a matter of fact, it was a match against Chile and Argentina and not just Messi vs Chile. That in any case does not define him to be a weak contender.

Meanwhile the Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Romero quoted,

” I think he spoke while he was heated, because a beautiful opportunity escaped us,’ said Romero. ‘I can’t imagine a national team without Messi. ”


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Fans around the world are undoubtedly hoping the same thing. Come back Messi, we love you…. and will love you forever. You are a hero! You are a champion! Raise your chin high for what you are…Bravo Messi!!

Keep sharing this message to all your friends who loves and respects this young man. Make Messi come back in his true form.

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