China has the most insane traffic jam in the world – Aerial Video Brings you the live scene

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Being the 4th largest country in the world, China has the population of 1,401,586,609 which is equivalent to 19.24% of the total world population. The population density in China is 145 people per square kilometer.

By the end of 2012, the total length of highway in China reached 2,633,060 miles (4,237,500 kilometers). In 2013, the number of passengers transported by rail reached 2 billions. As the transportation industry continues to expand in both quality and scale, it significantly contributes to the advancement of society as well as the national economy.

China currently has a comprehensive system of modern transportation, which includes civil aviation, railway, road traffic, and water transportation. As transportation in the country becomes more accessible and more reliable, it is also becoming more technologically advanced.

Modern modes of transportation such as express highways, electrified railroads, metros, light railways, and maglev railways are becoming increasingly common, especially in larger cities.

The country also has 2,000 ports, 130 of which are open to foreign ships. It owns about 500 airports among which 400 have paved runways and about 100 of which have runways of 3,047m.



Although the country has advanced transport facilities, the traffic on roads is highly insane. Its high time to take serious actions to bring control over the growing population. Something for India to take care of, which ranks with the second largest population in the world.

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