Candid Reasons Why Sports Is More Important Than Your Academics

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A healthy brain lives in a healthy body – We all have heard this famous saying but how much do we follow it?

Today, child obesity is becoming an alarming global crisis, with more than 40 million kids below the age of 5 suffering from this epidemic, sports is now more important than ever!

Studies, or academics as they say, certainly play an important part in our lives, it has been the mainstay of our education system since time immemorial. However only academics isn’t going to cut it for you in today’s cutthroat world, where you are expected to be JACK of all trades and MASTER of ALL TOO.

Also, in order to step forward in academics, one must maintain good health and the key to maintaining good health and an active lifestyle lies in making sports a part of your daily routine.

Let’s explore some benefits of sports over academics:

Sports and Time Management

Athletes have a lot on their plate, from warm ups to practice sessions and then schoolwork follows. To manage all of that, they need to have excellent time management skills. With sports as a part of their daily routine athletes can’t help but learn time management!

Sports and Leadership Skills

While progressing through higher ranks of their school team students learn important leadership skills. Senior student athletes who are further up the ladder encourage young team mates and help in training them on the field and off the field as well, this is an excellent way for them to learn and demonstrate leadership skills.


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Sports and Self confidence

For those who are involved in sports, the admiration and appreciation for their efforts at the field helps in boosting up their self-esteem and confidence. This self-confidence is the fuel that also powers them to valiantly face the world in all the other endeavors they pursue.

Sports and Teamwork

Today’s students are going to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, and what not! One indispensible quality needed to excel in any career stream is TEAMWORK and what better way to hone this skill than sports? In sports everybody is headed for a common goal this gives a hands-on teamwork lesson to the athletes.


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Sports and Academics

Sports are more important than studies, the statement sounds a bit controversial. A lot of people might disagree with this, but it is just a matter of perspective. Look at it this way, sports is in fact helping students in improving their academic performance – how you ask? Well, for one thing student athletes are less likely to miss school as compared to their non-athlete counterparts, so they attend more classes and stay abreast with all class activities. Also, studies show student athletes engaged in football, skateboarding and soccer are much better performers in science and math.

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Sports and Scholarships

With sports on their side, college scholarships aren’t a distant dream for student athletes anymore. This is a real example of the importance of sports in an athlete’s life – at the end of the day the rigorous training pays off in a very advantageous way!


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To Sum Up

In the end it’s suffice to say, sports are equally if not more important than academics as they can teach students incredible life lessons and they open doors to some amazing opportunities.

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