Shocking – Russian Lad Named Boriska Claims He Is From Mars

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Sometimes children are born with special talents and unusual traits. One such story is of a boy from Russia, who is either born on Earth or flew from Mars with incredible intellect and unusual traits.

Can you imagine being told of a story about the Lemurians and how tall were they, or about the life on Mars and spaceships flying from Mars to different planets or about how catastrophes destroyed the atmosphere in Mars. And imagine you hear all these from a young kid of 7 years old. Yes, Boriska is the one who depicted all of his previous life on Mars and claims that humans live eternally. On hearing his story, I was really stunned and mind blown by the depth of his intellect and how human life on this universe is actually designed.

Come on, together lets have a look on his ideology and his curious life on Mars. It was a very casual camp night, everyone around his neighbourhood where enjoying the camp fire, when suddenly Boriska sought for everyone’s attention. Turned out he stared describing his previous life on Mars. He talked about his existence on the Red planet life, about the beautiful country called Lemuria, life of which he could explain so clearly. Interestingly he lived in the Martian civilisation, creating spacecrafts to fly to various planets. He says that he had flew to Earth piloting his own spacecraft for research purposes. He talked about the megalithic cities and also describes how the catastrophe destroyed the atmosphere in Mars and feels sorry for losing his Lemurian friend. His gigantic eyes and the bright shining stars in the clear dark sky concealed some sort of mystery. “He spoke for hour and a half and it was incredible!”, says one of the witnesses.

If you are assuming that the boy is making up stories, trust me he is not. I think the profound knowledge he holds at such an young age makes you believe that he is just sharing his past memories and nothing else. You really can’t make up such stuff, you must have experienced it.

There were two undeniable things that people were really stunned of. First of all, kids of his age will not even know about life on other planets and the different spaceships he was talking about. He truly holds immense knowledge and this is showcased by the detailed things he spoke about Lemurians . Not even Science could prove that there exists another civilisation, nor did the school text books talk about Lemurians . But Boriska tells that few of them are still existing in Mars. He adds that they were 9 meters tall and they breathe in gas. Probably you may find them near pipes inhaling fumes of gas on Earth.

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Second of all, is the actual way he was talking about the different things he used to do in Mars and how beautifully he recalls this memories. He is also aware of the structure of interplanetary UFOs. He talks about that like an expert, draws UFOs on slates and explains the way they work. Isn’t that truly spellbound? But why did he suddenly start talking about his life on Mars on that night? Probably it was a happenstance of his thoughts rendering all of his past memories or it might have been just the ambience that brought alive his inner hidden self to this existing so called world, Earth.

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At an early of age of 4, Boriska used to visit a mountain nearby his home and feed himself with external energy. Boriska’s parents witnessed that he not only did take information from the outer world, but some mysterious channels as well. They observed him reading information from somewhere else, connecting with someone. He perceived knowledge in his own unique way and no one has taught him all this, says his mother.

One day when Boriska’s mom had a book named, “Whom We Are Originated From” by Ernest Muldashev, the young lad got really excited. He quickly glanced through all the sketches of Lemurians and the Tibetan pagodas. The boy started conveying the story about Lemurians  for several hours non stop. Boriska’s mom realised that the Lemurains lived around 800,000 years and the boy tells these thing as if he had seen him. So crisp and clear.

By the age of 2, Boriska had almost started reading newspapers, painting and held incredible knowledge on the skies, space and the planets. He was dismissed from school, as he asked questions, which even the teachers stumbled to answer. Boriska claimed that the teachers were sharing incorrect knowledge to the students. It was then, he shared his memories to his parents and they were worried about how to raise their wunderkind.

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Below are some amazing and incredible things he has conveyed that makes all sense:

  • When asked why do man-made spacecraft often crash as they approach Mars. “Martians transmit special signals to destroy stations containing harmful radiation,” Boriska replied.
  • He says, Mars is still inhabited and people still live there. The Martians still live in the underground cities of the planet, that faced destruction by the mammoth catastrophe.
  • According to sourcesIn Muldashev’s second book “In Search of the City of Gods” he looked through pictures for a long time and recollected a lot about pyramids and shrines. Then he claimed that people would not find ancient knowledge under the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The knowledge will be found under another pyramid, which has not been discovered yet. “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear, I do not remember exactly,” he said.
  • “A major catastrophe took place on earth. A gigantic continent was consumed by stormy waters. Then suddenly, a massive rock fell on a construction by his friend who was there, tells Boriska.
    “I could not save him. We are destined to meet sometime in this life.” The boy envisions the entire picture of the fall of Lemuria as though it happened yesterday.
  • Most interestingly, Boriska thinks that the time has finally come for the “special ones” to be born on earth. “The planet’s rebirth is approaching. New knowledge will be in great demand, a different mentality of earthlings.”
  • “How do you know about these gifted kids and why this is happening? Are you aware that they are called ‘indigo’ kids?”
  • “I know that they are being born. However, I haven’t met anyone in my town yet. Perhaps may be this one girl named Yulia Petrova. She is the only one who believes me. Others simply laugh at my stories. Something is going to happen on earth; that is why these kids are of importance. They will be able to help people. The Poles will shift. The first major catastrophe with one of the continents will happen in 2009. Next one will take place in 2013; it will be even more devastating.”

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Boriska is called as the indigo child. People who are transformed from one planet to the other as a token of transformation are called as indigo. Maybe its just the beginning of the forthcoming planet transformation. Who knows, the next indigo child maybe someone from your family. Just wait and watch, for more Martians to appear on Earth.

Happy Journey Indigo’s!!

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