Beyoncé Fans Disappointed As Nashville Show Cancelled Unexpectedly After World Formation Tour Begins

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Looks like Tennessee fans are going crazy as the Beyoncé show scheduled on the 5th of May got cancelled unexpectedly. Beyoncé fans have been waiting so long to have a sip of live Lemonade, which hit storms on the Internet last week. Formation World Tour has kicked off last week and the 34 years singer, was supposed to stop at Nashville on the 5 May.

Reports say that following the Wednesday’s sold out opening night of the Formation World tour at the Miami, promoters Live Nation announced that Beyoncé will not be performing at Nashville on Thursday and the concert will be rescheduled.


Though the reschedule dates and the reason as to why did they cancel the concert has not been disclosed, fans are requested to retain the tickets as they will be honored for the rescheduled show. 

Twitter explodes with disappointment from fans, as there is no clear reason for the concert being cancelled.


But reports also added a possible reason for the Beyoncé concert going down only at Nashville can be that the stadium is going under major renovation including new seats… so it’s possible that’s behind the change.



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