Awesome Things You Will Relate Only If You Are a Die Hard Book Reader

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Reading books is like falling in love with someone. You are into some other world. you never feel lonely because you can just take a book and start reading when you feel empty or have nothing to do, you enjoy the dreamy world and you are on cloud nine when others are still living in the same state of life.

Sometimes, these reading habits can make you unalike and create problems for just being a book reader. When a book makes you cry hysterically in public and everyone thinks you’re crazy.  When your favorite character dies and you still believe that they are alive. When you forget to eat or sleep because a book is so good. When the movie version of a book gets everything wrong, and completely ruins your mental images of characters. When you are reading all these lines and re-thinking about yourselves and laughing, then you must be a die hard book reader.

You will enjoy the company of books more than any other company. Book readers are considered to have more wisdom amongst the crowd of millions. “The question isn’t whether you have time to read or not (time that nobody will ever give you, by the way), but whether you’ll allow yourself the pleasure of being a reader.”

There are many a problems that you face being a book lover and you must have not thought about giving up on it. Good!

If you want to try something new be a ‘reader’. And if you are already one, enjoy the below quotes and feel nostalgic.

1) Sometimes even after you have finished reading the book or novel, you somehow still feel inside the story, you may feel as if you are experiencing the feelings with the characters in the book.


2) Books are ‘Books’. Nothing can replace them. They have magic within them.


3) All you want is books, coffee and rain. You are out to make the best out of your time.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers4

4) Libraries are not less than party destinations for you. You don’t bother if your friends join you or not. You just go, because your soul is there. And we wish you to find your love in one of the beautiful libraries of the world.


5) No doubt that you will repeat the same book again and again. Its when you just like everything about the book. The author, the characters, the story and even the cover page 😛


6) Well said, girls do like diamonds but not more than books. We believe.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers8

7) Book readers don’t get satisfied with the collection they hold. They seek more and more.

8) No too many books, and no too many authors. Every book and author  has its own uniqueness and beauty.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers12

9) Do Not Disturb – Yes that’s the mode when readers are found reading with a book.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers13

10) Reality sucks. Let’s just open a book and start reading!alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers14

11) When your friends watch movies of books, it’s you who have read movies(books published on which movies are made) long before they have been released.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers15


12) We don’t want to question you on this. We know your answer 😛alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers16

13) Reading habits influence you as a person and it can be mighty.alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers17

14) It goes on and on and on….alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers19

15) You feel that the story should carry on and there should be no end at all. alignthoughts-reading-book-lovers20

16) Bidding good night to friends and you are alone? That may never happen. There is always a story with you. 

17) You would just fly in the air if that was reality…


18) When someone speaks to you after you have read a book, its like you have to forcefully bring back your mind to reality from the characters of the story you just read. Your reaction is like “Ah…What did she say now? “


Enjoy reading!

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