Awesome Series – Every Wo”MEN” must have a watch. The Man’s World brings into limelight a good social issue!!

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The wait is finally over and the Man’s World series is released few of its episodes. The trailer was hilarious and entertaining but still addressing a very important social issue of the nation – gender inequality.
It’s quite impressive that they’ve managed to actually live up to all of our expectations! Eager to find out what is it all about, right? Go on and watch for yourselves!

Episode 1: The first episode begins, with a guy making a wish that he really didn’t want to come true! This guy is really frustrated with whatever girls react on. But at the end of the day, he realizes something significant. Just have a look.


Episode 2: We get to see what it would be like for a man to be treated the way women are treated in the IT sector offices. This episode has a reall message in it, when deeply looked into. It also emphasizes that women do not gain promotion for being “attracttive” or “good looking”. It also higlights how women are not given opportunities just because they are women. Its good not to describe more on the video. Do have a look on the video and enjoy.

Thanks to Man’s World for bringing up a major problem of the country.


The message goes loud and clear. Avoid gender discrimination. Show humanity and let others be the way they are!! A better India, for a better world.

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