12 Inspirational Facts About Arunima Sinha’s Mt. Everest Summit

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Climbing the Mount Everest is the dream she set for her, lying on the hospital bed with one leg amputated. Yes that’s the determination and passion this girl holds on. That’s what Arunima’s story all about.

Born in a small town called Ambedkarnagar near Lucknow, Arunima Sinha lost her father at the age of 3. His father was an engineer in the army and mother was a health department supervisor. She was a national level volleyball player and decided to keep an hold on her sports to pursue a job and applied at CSIF.

She received the call letter from Delhi and that was the day that changed her life, but it was not a change for good. The change that happened that day made her loose her leg. She was just saved from death and how did the train tragedy become a change for good in her life?

Approximately after 2 years after the incident took place, Arunima was ‘On Top of The World at the Mount Everest’. At the age of 26, she is the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest. This is the true example of passion and the hunger to prove others wrong. She was pitied by people who visited her such as “Who will marry her being one legged girl” and all that crap. She just proved everyone wrong and showcased the real power of a woman.

Disabled are not the one’s who are ‘physically’ disabled. In fact, disabled are the one’s whose thoughts are disabled. Those who give up in life are the one’s who are really disabled.

Read below the inspirational facts of Arunima Sinha’s story and the struggles she undertook to reach Everest summit, that will make you feel proud of her and enlighten with the passion to achieve your goal and crave for something in life.

1) Arunima was thrown away from a moving train by thugs, to whom she refused to give her gold chain. She flew into an oncoming train and the force threw me onto the opposite tracks. What happened thereafter took a matter of seconds. Before she could move her left leg off the track, a train went over it. Within minutes she was one legged, but her thoughts were more and more powerful to reach even the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest.

2) Arunima decided to reclaim her voice when the media and people around made stories that she committed suicide by jumping off the train. She began to mull over the most impossible dreams she could set for herself and that’s what she did. She decided to climb on top of Mount Everest.


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3) Giving is not about making a donation, it’s all about making a difference. On 21st May 2013 she reached the Everest summit and became the first women amputee to reach the highest peak of the world. 

4) Usually amputee patients take months, or even years, to get accustomed to their prosthetic limbs. She walked in two days. The thoughts of mind holds tremendous sway over the physical body.


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5) The woman amputee who created a world record by climbing Mount Everest received the Padma Shri award in January 2015, the fourth highest civilian award in India.



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6) At the Mt.Everest summit, she erected the Indian flag on the peak, deposited some pictures of her idol Swami Vivekananda next to it. Thinking that she would die, she used the last vestiges of her oxygen to take pictures and videos of herself on the peak. Probably she knew she was going to die.


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7) Luck favors the brave and it’s apt for Arunima. She was brave enough to die and maybe the so called “luck” favored her. On her way back downhill when she was climbing down, her oxygen was finished. But a British climber was turning his way back without reaching the top and threw away the extra oxygen. And that somehow saved her.

Arunima Sinha receives Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award from President of India – Pranab Mukherjee

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8) Her dream is to climb the highest peaks from each continent around the world. So far she has accomplished four- Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe and Kosciuszko in Australia. She is heading to South America in June this year.



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9) Arunima Sinha’s book titledBorn on a mountain’ was recently launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

10) Undoubtedly, Arunima has etched her name in history for her extraordinary and brave achievement, despite all odds. It’s the same as life. When life shows the worst things to you, just cross all odds and stand on top.

11) You could learn life lessons from any kind of sport or activity. It doesn’t matter what you achieve in life. What matters is how those achievements make you a better person. How you treat others is at the core of what makes you a good human being.


12) These inspiring lines is what Arunima concluded with:

Abhi toh iss baanj ki asli udaan baaki hai, 

Abhi toh iss parinde ka imtahaan baaki hai, 

Abhi abhi maine langah hai samandaron ko,

Abhi toh pura aasman baaki hai.

English Translation:

The real flight of this hawk is impending, Right now this bird is yet to be tested,

Though I have leaped the seas, the entire sky is remaining.


Failure is not when we fall short of achieving our goals. It is when we don’t have goals worthy enough. Encourage the girl child to dream and achieve.

Align your thoughts and reach the goal.


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