Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Earns $6 Billion in Just 20 Minutes. Here’s How!

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Since yesterday afternoon, Amazon’s shares are soaring high in the air due to which Jeff Bezos has faced something which he never expected to happen.

The company’s shares jumped by as much as 10% in early trading Friday as a result of which Jeff has earned $6 billion in just 20 minutes. That’s lesser than the amount of time I take to post an article. I wish I could earn so much. But seriously, its heck a lot of money for a person to own in 20 minutes.

Jeff has been recognized globally as the founder and CEO of Amazon. After this magical moment in his life, he is net worth of $60 billion, temporarily displacing Mexican mogul Carlos Slim as the fourth-richest person in the world, records say.

But with such huge money, he could buy every Tesla Model S car sold last year, that too twice. Yes, that’s what he earned in 1200 seconds. Unbelievable man!!!

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Jeff is a brilliant and fantastic business investor who keeps his vision far ahead of the current strategies. The cloud web services Amazon is providing has brought more than 95% expected results and Jeff is on cloud nine. Wow, the cloud services made him go cloud nine :)

Bezos, the 52 year old man, is incredible!! And if you are rich, try to place your money on Amazon shares. Looks like you can be a billionaire too. 😛 All the best!

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