All you wanna know about StartUpIndia’s Inspiring Speech

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India being the world’s youngest entrepreneur country has 75% of the founders under the age of 45.

The country’s major problems are solved by the innovation and entrepreneurship in the form of startups. Amongst the speakers were all the giant startup founders of the nation including but not limited to Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal, Uber’s Travis Kalanick, OHO Room’s Ritesh Agarwal, Limeroad’s Suchi Mukherjee , Mapmygenome’s Anuradha Acharya, InMobi’s Naveen Tewari, WeWork’s Adam Neumann and Neeraj Kakkar, Founder – Paperboat.

Below are the inspiring words of the successful entrepreneur’s who one day were a common man with an idea in mind. They spoke about how India has changed with the development of innovation and the country can do more and more in the upcoming days.

1) Suchi mukherjee – CEO & Founder Limeroad

She spoke about her dream being a middle class girl from a bengali family, and where she is now bringing many women as business tycoons and helping them fulfilling their dream sitting back at home.

She also mentioned that no other country’s government has come forward to such an initiative.

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2) Naveen Tewari – CEO & Founder InMobi

The country’s problems will be resolved only by the country’s entrepreneurs and not by any company outside India. 


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3) Anuradha Acharya – Mapmygenome

Acharya has been honoured as a 2011 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

This lady entrepreneur concluded her speech with a poetic note.

Start Up Stand Up..

Stand up for ur right,

Start Up Stand Up..

Dont give up the fight!

Doubting man don’t tell me what i need to do,

Perhaps you don’t know what my disruptions really can do..

Indian history being raised with gold,

We will tell a story that has never been told!!

So now you see the light, so stand up for the right!!


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4) Adam Neumann – Co-founder & CEO WeWork

Israeli born Adam, who has visited India for the first time just before 5 days is really enthusiastic and refreshing about the Indian entrepreneurs. Here is what he said.

Being part of something greater than yourself is the future. Define success not just by making money, ability to give and receive is success. If I treat you the way I wanna be treated, that will bring success.

The goal is not earning money, the real goal is finding something you love. Bring a change and everything will follow you.

One thing I learnt from the past 5 days is “You do not need to from India to love India.”


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5) OHO Rooms – Ritesh Agarwal

Later on stage, came the youngest entrepreneur of India who dropped out at his age of 17 and who owns more rooms than that of Taj Group of Hotels. Yes you guess it right, it’s the founder of OHO Rooms – Ritesh Agarwal

He has really caught the feelings of the young generations and mentioned that he dreams that more number of citizens in India will be self employed rather than working as employees for other companies across the world.


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7) Sachin Bansal – CEO FLipkart

Money follows great businesses unless you have dumb investors who do not understand the business at all. At Flipkart, we have always tried finding investors who understand our business,” he said.


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8) Neeraj Kakkar – Founder – Paperboat

Recalling his days back in school, when he was the only kid in his family to go to a private school and join a school of English medium and he had no clue about speaking English.

I believe and dream to be the best, not only in India but across the world.


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9) Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes over the stage filling the audience with sparkle and charisma to dream big. Saying is believing…What is all about startup India?

Modi was regretting why he didn’t get the idea of hotel rooms when he was a ‘chai wala’. But he was sure about the young entrepreneurs who will change the fate of India.

An entrepreneur has adventure hidden within him.


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Youth should be job creator instead of job seeker. Every individual in India has its own idea, but the ideas evolve and die every day. Only those who get dissolved into the idea bring it into real time. He who has the vision brings the change.

Even if a start-up helps 5 citizens of India, then it’s a successful start-up according to me.

Witness innovation as a global leader. Bring innovation in agriculture,science and medicine, not ony in IT industry.

If there are millions of problems there are billions of minds to solve it in India.

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