6 Things Successful People Do Every Morning In Their 20’s

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We all want to be successful in life and somehow the inner feeling to be successful never lets you free. It kinda makes you mad to achieve what you want. The zeal for it grows higher day by day. You hold the magical power of making things done, and that’s something more important to do in your 20’s. Because after a certain phase of life, you get stuck to different roles you have been playing in the society till then. You continue to pursue the same 9-5 job. You continue to do things even if you do not want to do them, just for the sake of not taking risks in life.

A boy once questioned the famous American author, speaker, and pastor – John Maxwell, “John, How do i become more successful in life?”. “Where do I start? What should I do?”, for which John replied, “Let me look at your routine and then answer”. Because what you do day in and day out, is what matters for what you achieve.

The ability to take creative actions and risky decisions is directly proportional to how much independent you are. So 20’s is the best phase of life, wherein you explore the most, and bring out the best in you. After all, every one of us holds a unique passion, you just need to discover it. If you want more, you need to ‘become’ more. Success is what comes to you when you deserve to hold it.

Follow these 6 simple steps every morning, to feel content and happy from within.

1) Pray/ Meditate

Prayer is a unique process that lets you speak to, the so called God and your inner own self. It’s a conversation that emphasizes what you want the most in life. Prayer makes me realize the indispensable things that after all, matter to me. Somehow meditation also does the similar thing. So if you are an atheist, you can still start your morning by meditating. It cleans your soul and builds the inner energy to accomplish goals with complete potential.

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2) Map Out Your Day

Pen down the things you will do for the day, either the previous night before you go to bed or in the morning. This, of course includes the smallest of your daily chores from cleaning your kitchen to doing your laundry. Have an appointment with one of your old friends?, write it down. By doing this on a regular fashion, you realize that your daily goals improvise and the ability to achieve smaller yet significant goals upswing. Hold a vision on what you are going to do for the day and live with a purpose.

3) Listen to Positivity

Even the most strongest of the men feel less confident, when they are surrounded by negative people. Negativity brings a very bad vibe around you, that questions your potential, confidence and determination. So stay away from it. Do not let negative people influence you. You must hold control on your own self. Human traits are so flexible that it can easily bound to the circumstances or people around. So choose to stay with the right people and hear positive words of faith, inspiration and success in the early hours of your day.

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4) Workout

Exercising is not only essential for the physical fitness, but also for mental fitness. Just as electronic devices require refresh periodically in order to perform better, so is the human body. And that refresh button is turned on by working out. Exercising in the morning adds more benefits, than in the later parts of the day. Physical health is directly proportional to emotional health. So, try to keep you physically fit in order to achieve your goals.


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5) Read

Science says, reading books can increase memory and lets you have clearer life goals. For instance, reading about someone who has overcome obstacles in life encourages you to follow suit. Ohio State University found that the more you identify with a character, the more likely you will be able to take action in life. Go grab a book and start reading every morning at least for 10 to 15 mins.

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6) Have A Healthy Breakfast.

Breakfast is nothing but, “Break your fast”. Human body is on fast for almost 8 hours when we are asleep. So, our body just needs minerals and vitamins as wake up.  Most of us find it very difficult to manage the hectic schedule and always tend to skip breakfast, although its the most essential meal of the day.


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So try to follow this habit which is simple yet the most difficult one to adapt, especially for the ones who are not an early bird.

I understand its hard to do make yourself do all these things in the morning, when we all are rushing to catch a train or bus and reach our offices, universities or  schools. But, once you have managed to bring these traits in your morning routine, there is nothing that can hold you back. After years, when you look back, you will for sure realize how these small things have helped you climb the ladder of success.

So, just do not procrastinate. Success is the end result of the daily actions you do. Most importantly, do not compare yourself with others. We all have taken different paths in our lives, and of course different destinations and for different purposes. If you are probably seeing big dreams, you need big commitments. It all starts when you turn off your alarm and start your day.

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