4 Ways To Fall In Love And Bring The Spark Back In Your Marriage

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Do  you remember the feeling of the first time you fell in love? Can you recall that spark? The shine, in your special someone’s eyes. The time when the earth would stop spinning just for you two. When there was never enough and you two could spend infinity with each other. The first time he or she touched you, the first kiss and many more first times.

The start of a relationship is special on so many levels. When a couple gets married, it is said that for the first few days, the two can’t keep their hands of each other. But with time, these things fade away. The love is intact, must have even grown with time, but, the romance has disappeared. With children, family responsibilities, work life, household chores, there is no time left for romance.

If you are one of those couples who has lost the passion and romance in your married life, then the upcoming words are gonna bring a change in your life for the better. Here’s how to fall in love with your partner all over again.


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1) Give Each Other A Special Makeover

This is the easiest and the best thing you both could do. All you have to do is get help of two of your friends or hire one consultant. The exercise goes like this. Tell your consultant or friend what you would like to see different in your spouse and make sure your spouse doesn’t find out about this. On the other side, your spouse will also be doing the same thing. This can be changing your spouse’s hairstyle, or helping them wear something they loved but didn’t have the courage to wear. You can watch this Buzzfeed video to get an idea on how to give your partner a special makeover. This interesting and unique exercise is surely going to start the romantic spark again.

2) Role-Play

You must have watched this idea in many movies or even television series. Would You RolePlay Your First Date All Over Again? Well, this one is a spicy one. You can change your name and be a totally different person with a different background story when you go on a date with your spouse. For e.g. arrive separately to the same bar, flirt a little bit with other people, then eventually go and talk to one another like you’re strangers. This will get the feelings flowing as you start to remember exactly what drew you to each other in the first place. And well this little role playing can also help things get pretty sexy in bed.

tips to make your patner fall in love again

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3) Naughty Texts

This is another way to bring the spark back into your relationship. Just out of the blue, send a dirty little text to your spouse when they are away. Tell your partner how excited you are to see him or her and reminisce on the last time you spent a night together. Or send a racy picture of yourself. These kind of messages may get your partner very eager to come back home to you. Just a small precaution, send your messages to the “RIGHT CONTACT NUMBER.” Nobody wants little naughty bits to turn into awkward situations.

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4) Have A Second Honeymoon

This may be an expensive one. But you know what, it’s worth it. Life gets so busy after marriage. The couple never has enough of alone time for themselves. Children, in-laws, bosses, all take away the magic. But taking a break and going far away for some time with only your spouse can help you get closer to each other. You can get spa massages together, go hiking, enjoy a day on the beach, dress as your heart pleases, and act as a newly married couple, no restrictions. Just one advice, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Just remember, a long term relationship doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to watch the spark fade away. You just have to know how to rekindle it.

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