36 Crazy Festivals Across The World That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

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1) Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – New Mexico, United States

From the early sunrise Dawn Patrol to the evening’s “Glowdeo” parade, balloon races, and much more, this event is a spectacle of wonder for all ages. The festival is book-ended by two weekends in October with balloon die-hard holed up in Albuquerque for the entire event.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta October 2006

2)Amsterdam Dance Event – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This entertainment extravaganza scattered across 115 reputable venues throughout the iconic Netherlands’ capital city, is truly the biggest international club festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. Includes cooking more than just beats, the organizers put together a DJ cook-off and the kitchen showdown is witnessed by hundreds of spectators. It’s just as tasty as it sounds :)


3) Ati-Atihan – Kalibo, Philippines

Ati-Atihan is nine days of constant movement, drumming and feasting — egged on by chants of “Hale Bira, Puera Pasma!” — beg you to “let go.” The street dancing called sad sad is such a spectacle of downright exuberance that it seems a more appropriate name would be happy happy.


4) Australian Surf Festival – Coffs Harbour, Australia

First-class waves, cool surf scene vibes, and epic scenery make The Australian Surf Festival an ideal place to hang out to bring out the adventurous person in you.




5) Bastille Day – Paris, France

Every year on the 14th July, France commemorates the anniversary of the Fête de la Fédération with Bastille Day, a feast in honor French independence. It’s an honor to eat in a French home on a Bastille Day, so do your best to ingratiate yourself with a local.















6) Battle of the Oranges – Ivrea, Italy

The ancient town of Ivrea, Italy celebrate its freedom during carnival by pummelling each other with 500,000 kilograms of oranges. You will get your fruit facial done as well :)


7) Beale Street Music Festival – Tennessee, United States

A wide range of genres including blues, metal, hard rock, soft rock, rap, folk, country, bluegrass, and blues. Running for nearly 40 years and drawing about 100,000 attendees each spring, the festival has earned a reputation as being particularly fan-friendly, affordable, and offering one of the best lineups for a large festival.

The Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival takes place at Tom Lee Park on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Photo by Lance Murphey

8) Beyond Wonderland – California, US

The creative outfits, their glitter sparkling and rainbow-colored beads bobbing to the spacey trance, dubstep and house beats makes it really a storybook realm. The fantastical rave takes its cues from Alice in Wonderland. “Embark on an adventure to the far side of the forest,” the festival beckons, and it makes it happen via wandering.

beyondwonderland19) Carnevale di Venezia – Venice, Italy

Venice cloaks itself in a veil of mystery welcoming the Carnevale di Venezia, the world’s most elegant Carnival. The mask allows citizens to behave wildly and adopt alter egos without the fear of social consequences.


10) Combat des Reines – Martigny, Switzerland

Combat des Reines , or Battle of the Queens are more like Sumo matches fueled by copious amounts of wine and sausage. The Swiss Alps aren’t just for skiing and yodeling. Come spring and fall, bovines take to the ring and battle it out for the cow crown in the Combat des Reines.

















11) Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling – Brockworth, England

A spirited gathering of people who chase a wheel of cheese down a 295-foot hill in the English countryside. How can that not be entertaining? An international field of daredevils from all over the world compete, but there’s definitely an element of hometown pride at work


12) Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Since 1997, the Electric Daisy Carnival has electrified millions of music fans with an energetic 3-day dance party, raving from dusk until dawn. Drawing more 400,000 attendees at its peak, it’s the biggest electronic dance music festival outside Europe, earning it the nickname the “American Ibiza.”








13) Concurs de Castells – Tarragona, Spain

Every October, men and women climb on top of each other’s shoulders as part of the Concurs de Castells competition in Tarragona, Spain. It’s the ultimate exhibition of teamwork as large groups of everyday people from the ages of 5 to 95 work together to build a living human structure. Watching the castellers climb to create towers reaching upwards of 9 stories high will take your breath away—a mix of fear and excitement.


14) Hadaka Matsuri – Nara, Japan

Getting naked in Japan isn’t really a big deal. This Naked Festival arose when misfortuneand disease plagued the region and it was a belief that touching a naked man will absord all evil and bad luck. Ten thousand men rushing from a ritual purification in frozen water to a Shinto temple to nab sacred sticks, this festival is so bizarre, it will have you saying, “Only in Japan.”


15) Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival

Set in Harbin’s coldest months, this festival features breathtaking temporary works of art, all created with ice from the Songhua River.








16) Ibiza Closing Parties – Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a celebration of summer, from sunrise to sunset and back again. At the end of the season, you can experience the biggest parties of all: the closing parties. One last summer kiss goodbye, one last party to welcome winter.


17) Holi – India

Throngs of celebrants fling every imaginable type of brightly colored dye in the form of powder, liquid and water balloons at each other in an all ­out war. It’s a wildly immersive and participatory festival, as everyone gets involved, from young to old.


18) Iceland Airwaves – Reykjavik, Iceland

Late night lovers, fans of intimate shows, quirky clubs and even quirkier destinations: rejoice, this is your festival! Reykjavík is on the bleeding edge of Nordic culture and all things cool. Put on your Viking hat and prepare to get down up north at the Iceland Airwaves festival.


19) Tapati Rapa Nui – Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island, Chile

Unlike many island festivals, Tapati Rapa Nui has been a festival for locals, by locals, rather than a tourist attraction. A festival that is at once a test of masculine strength and feminine grace, a celebration of local culture and a welcoming of visitors. Women compete for their team, swaying their hips in mesmerizing motions, while men perform.


20) Sydney Gay Lesbian Mardi Gras – Syney, Australia

From a rowdy parade and film festival to day-time dance parties and academic discussions, this celebration is perfect for anyone who likes to have a good time—gay or straight.

Aboutus-725x40821) La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain

At the Tomato Throwing Festival, the streets of Spain, turn into a free-for-all food fight. Trucks roll into town hauling over 130,000 kilos of juicy tomatoes, and 30,000 revelers go medieval.

















22) Roswell UFO Festival – New Mexico, United States

UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike flock to this site of the 1947 Roswell Incident to celebrate the unknown and have some quirky fun.

















23) Kanamara Matsuri – Kawasaki, Japan

While some societies hide their fertile bits, Japan worships them. That doesn’t just mean they build temples around them—they actually put the penis on parade.


24) Boryeong Mud Festival – Boryeong, South Korea

Beauty product for some, excuse to channel their inner child for others, Boryeong Mud means many things to many people. This filthy festival involves wrestling, sliding, massages, and photo contests. Getting dirty has never been so much fun.

Tourists play in mud during the opening day of the Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon beach in Boryeong



25) Songkran – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai New Year , it’s now become an enormous countrywide water fight. Thais spend three brutally hot days soaking their fellow citizens and everyone else in what amounts to the biggest party of the year.


26) Cascamorras – Baza, Spain

Every year the residents of Spain; paint themselves black from head to toe and defend their beloved statue of the Virgin Mary from a resident of the neighbouring (the Cascamorra) town of Guadix who is intent on stealing it.


27) Battle of Wine – Haro, Spain

Haro Wine Festival takes place every year in the town of Haro, region of northern Spain. It involves wine drinking competitions and contests and a Batalla de Vino (Battle of Wine) where wines are poured at each other from buckets. A buget saving tour for all those wine lovers.


28) Fiesta de San Fermín – Pamplona, Spain

With a million revelers visiting from all over the world and a dozen bulls in every run, the streets of Pamplona provide the backdrop for a festival with a nearly mythical reputation. Saint Fermín was said to have been dragged to death by bulls on the very same streets of Pamplona. Be careful not to meet the same end!

Participants run with Torrestrella´s fighting bulls during the first San Fermin Festival bull run, on July 07, 2011, in Pamplona, northern Spain. The festival is a symbol of Spanish culture that attracts thousands of tourists to watch the bull runs despite heavy condemnation from animal rights groups. AFP PHOTO / PEDRO ARMESTRE (Photo credit should read PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images)

29) Els Enfarinats – Ibi, Spain
One more festival from Spain, citizens celebrate Els Enfarinats every year and go at each other with firecrackers, flour bombs and eggs. Better assumed as the Spanish Holi.


30) Matchmaking Festival – Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

Find your soulmate at this magical matchmaking festival in a small rural community in Ireland. Amidst the barn dances, pub crawls, horse racing, and speed dating rituals, you’ll see men buzz like bees around an attractive female, ready to pollinate. So, if you’re single, be prepared for Cupid’s arrow to magically pierce your heart at this festival.


31) Rio Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mix history, pagan ritual, tribal beats, indigenous dress, a pre-Lenten celebration, and several million people in the sexiest city on Earth to make the hottest party of the year – the Rio Carnival.

32) Molten Iron Throwing – Nuanquan, China

This festival is celebrated as part of an ancient tradition of the Chinese Lunar New Year festivities. The only barriers between the molten iron and the throwers are a sheepskin jacket, goggles, and a straw hat to protect against the splash of hot metal.


33) Pflasterspektakel – Linz, Austria

This festival transforms Austria,into a raucous stage for some of the world’s most energetic, talented street performers. Busking is the way they make a profit for the performers, so audiences are encouraged to reward their favorite acts with plenty of coins and bills.


34) Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival – New Taiwan City, Taiwan

In a blaze of luminous glory that marks the new Lunar New Year, 100,000 to 200,000 sky lanterns emblazon a full moonlit sky. A similar festival is celebrated in Thailand as well.


35) Quebec Winter Carnival – Quebec City, Canada

With an outdoor amusement park, ice slides, dogsled rides, parades and more, there are more than enough reasons to bundle up and go out to play at the Quebec Winter Carnival.


36) Reveillon – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Before midnight, families and friends gather for more traditionally European New Year’s Eve meals, but at midnight…BOOM! Reveillon. Celebrated at 31st December every year, this festival deserves to be added to your bucket list.


So, what are you waiting for? Go live the life by exploring crazy things and lead a happy life!!!

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