20 Awesome Google Search Tricks & Cool Features You Must Know For Sure!!

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Google started by Larry Page and Brin is undoubtedly the best search engine currently and almost all of the products from Google help us to ease our life in some means. These two guys who started the search engine concept of Google as a University project are now the planet’s most reputed and deserving entrepreneurs. Read this, to know how did google actually start and the history of google.

No matter how specific you get with your keywords, Google, like a stubborn child shows only what it wants to. There are a number of algorithms and queries running behind Google and the results it displays sometime can annoy you. And images of unwanted stuff pops out just to annoy you or perhaps, to tempt you into doing something other than work. But nevertheless, if it gives you problems, it is only because you are not being smart enough in your search measures.

Google has so many tricks and methods for all its fellow users. So its upto you to keep yourself updated. get educated with these amazing google features that will ease your day!!

Below listed are some of the Google tricks that perhaps you never knew before. These can help you minimize the accidental openings of irrelevant data on your browser and help you find just what you want to.


1)  You can perform two Google Searches on the same tab! Just follow this format- “X” OR “Y”



2) Automatically animate GIFs In your Google Image search results. These images are hilarious than the results from the normal image search.



3) If you are a person who often reads historical data or events that happened in the past. You might find this feature of google damn useful.Google News has digitized versions of newspapers from even 1800s! Click the link to start exploring the past.















4) Knowing how good is your website trending is something which you must keep updating regularly. Google helps you to find this stuff in this way. Type – link:[insert website’s name]



5) When your search is figure related (year, price, any number), use- [insert subject you want to search]2012..2015



6) Put asterisks in place of the word you can’t remember in a song (or, any phrase), and Google will understand you.














7) And to find websites of similar nature, enter- related:[insert website’s name]



8) Getting bored sitting at your home? You can still explore your surroundings staying home, with the help of Google. Simply say- [insert the place kind] near me.



9) Prefixing “intitle:” to the keywords will show results that have those keywords in their titles















10) To find the data published within a particular time frame, Go to- Search Tools -> Any time -> Choose the time frame within which you wish to see the updates.


11) To find your public IP address real quick, simply type and enter- IP address, in the browser.















12) You can exclude words that you don’t want the results to include by prefixing the ‘minus’ sign to the word you want to exclude














13) Booked your flight to home? Here is how google can help you to know the schedule of your flight. Just type the flight name you have booked.



In addition to the aforementioned quick tricks to find near-accurate results on Google, following are some of the other good uses of Google.

14) Set a timer by simply typing- Set timer for [insert time]


15) It has a ‘tip calculator’. Just type- tip calculator, in the search box!


16) You can also search for the origin of words by suffixing etymology to the word. Follow- [insert word] etymology




17) Compare two foods by simply typing – X vs Y. Google tells how much vitamins does the food hold and how good is it for your daily diet. Knowing Google’s features better can now help you reduce medical bills :)



















18) In order to know the time of sunrise and sunset in your city, type- sunrise [insert city name], or, sunset [insert city name]












19) Want to know more of the Google doodles till date. Just click on ‘Im feeling lucky’. You get all of the doodles Google has created right from the first Google doodle which came out in 1998.


20) Add ‘Customize Search’ to your website and here is what google tells you about it to make search on your site easy. Click here know to more on it.

So now you understood Google better. You can master your search to get the perfect results and make the most use of the gadgets Google has provided to ease your life.

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