18 Spectacular Images of The World Captured by NASA Astronaut From Space

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Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut has been in space for more than a year and he regularly captures the scenic beauty of our divine planet Earth and the outer space. In October 2015, he set the record for the total amount of days spent in space by an American astronaut, 382. He has spent his days in space celebrating Christmas and New year eve while in space.

Truly the magnificent universe is way beautiful than we actually think. These pictures of several part of the Earth and space will make you spellbound and kindle the crave to be an astronaut or to explore the world and its beauty.

1)  Aleutian island volcano letting off a little steam after the new year

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-Aleutian island-volcano

2) The peculiar and fascinating Earth art of Australia from space.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-autralia-earth-art

3) The stunning view of the Canadian Rockies just before the night is starting to sleep.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-canadian-rockies

4) China doesn’t seem to be so much populated from the space. This green spot always catches the eye.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-central-china

5) Can you guess what that would be? These are the clouds in the sky. The clouds look cool too sometimes!

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-clouds

6) The beautiful blue waters connecting the southern tip of India and Sri Lanka. The waters look really mighty.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-India-southern-tip

7) How would the Island look from high above? 

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-island-in-blue-ocean

8) The sunshine makes the waters more metallic. And there you can figure out the small island. Pretty cool place to celebrate the New year party. Isn’t it?

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-island-in-ocean

9) These are the pictures of the glorious Middle East. Looks like the green color body is Saudi Arabia :)

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-middle-east

10) The beautiful desert

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-middle-east-dubai

11) The shadows of the desert seem to look like this.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-middle-east-shawdows-of-desert

12) How about the mountains and glaciers? They are known for their majesty and no doubt on it.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-mountains-with-snow

13) Day 273. The glorious sunrise over New Zealand, sun seems to be far away from the Earth.  On his 3rd Christmas in space.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-new-zealand-sunrise

14) Welcome to USA. Up the steep and stony road .

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-USA-road

15) And this what USA is up to when the country has enjoyed snowfall.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-USA-road-with-snow

16) Twilight from moon over the southern part of India and Sri Lanka.

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-India-southern-tip-srilanka-moon17) Africa as a whole and Egypt especially never fail to amaze with colors. Earth art. Some of the most inhabitable places on Earth are also the most beautiful

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-africa

18) Earthrise – It was day 275 in outer space and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took this composite photo of Earth rise last week. Stunning!

align thoughts-outer-space-scottkelly-Earthrise-NASA

ImgSrc – https://twitter.com/StationCDRKelly/


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