14 Superb Things That Proves You Are A Die Hard Game of Thrones Fan

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You know it, you love it, you’re a die-hard “Game of Thrones” fan. You’ve named your cat “Khaleesi,” you choke up when you think of the Red Wedding and you have waking nightmares of the Starks never seeing one another again. You, like us, know winter is coming.

But maybe your friends don’t quite get it. Maybe they’re not as passionate about the HBO fantasy series as you are. We feel you, dudes, so let’s express sympathy together. Without further ad on, here are most important things that only a die hard -“Game of Thrones” fan would just understand.

1) ‘You know nothing’ is the most affectionate thing someone can say.

It makes us melt every time Ygritte insults Jon Snow in this way.



Now, whenever someone irritates you, or you’re just flirting with he/she, you make use of this line “You know nothing, Peter Patrick”, or whatever the person’s name is. It would just flow in your vocab without any second thought.

2) A dire wolf is the best friend a boy or girl can have.

They’re as cute as puppies, and they’ll kill your enemies and haunt your dreams when they grow up. Now, that’s what we call a ‘True Friendship’!


And here is some behind the scenes secret for you. The production team was unable to use real wolves in the TV series because of UK laws and they are working with children. Instead of a wolf, they used the Northern Inuit dogs, which are a lot tamer and from all of the dog breeds, it’s the closest thing that resembles to a wolf.

3) Your Grace

The Game of Thrones version of “Your highness” or “Your majesty” is definitely a catchy and classy one, wouldn’t you say?

Whether you’ve told everyone to call you that or if you use it as an indirect insult to those who irritate you, you’re definitely using “Your Grace” somewhere in your life.

4) My Sun And Stars

Dany and Drogo started off a bit shaky. Or A LOT shaky, actually. However they became one of the most romantic (and sexy) couples to grace our screens on a weekly basis.



Now, you and your sweetie may not look look like the Mother of Dragons and her savage husband, but you can incorporate their love by naming each other “My Son And Stars” and “Moon Of My Life”… and you do.

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5) You Are No Son Of Mine


There’s much speculation about why Tywin said this line and so many fan theories have emerged since Tywin Lannister said this to our favorite imp, but regardless, it’s still fun to say to someone who disagrees with something you say.

6) Twincest isn’t so bad

We all Love you, Cersei and Jaime.

7) Winter Is Coming

Yes, yes we know that already! You would probably be the person who hits this phrase, no matter on what context.



The Stark words are said over 15 times in 5 Seasons, although it feels like a lot more since everyone points out how bloody cold it is, but regardless, you’ll still let everyone know that Winter is, in fact, Coming.

Even if it is the middle of summer. God Damn, no one can help it :)  It proves you are a Game Of Thrones victim.

8) All Men Must Die

“All men must die, but we are not men.”


Daenerys’ words are quite poetic, but how often do you say this in your daily life? You’re bound to get more than one dirty look from the men in your life. People dont name you as a feminist for being a Game of thrones fan. Oh, really? 😛

9) You will never name your baby ‘Eddard’


Come on Robb, you should have known better than to even let Talisa suggest it.

10) Shame! Shame! Shame!

If “Mother’s Mercy” – the Season 5 finale – taught us something, it’s not only to never trust George R.R. Martin to not kill one of our favorite characters, but that it’s super fun to “Shame” people.



There’s even an app that allows you to ring a bell and have a nun shout “Shame” at anyone you wish to shame. Drunken nights just gotta lot more fun watching this series!

11) Jaqen H’ghar-isms

Now, that you feel each and every character as part of your family, here is something you can do.

“A man teaches a girl”, “A man thanks a girl”, “A boy becomes a girl”, “A man has said that”.

You can really irritate people by speaking like a Braavosi Faceless Man, right?

12) Never let Walder Frey host a wedding


In fact, you probably shouldn’t invite him to any wedding ever.

13) Watching Ramsay Bolton eat this sausage makes us want to vomit.



The episode when Khaleesi had a horse’s heart for supper also go disgusting. But all for the “stallion who will mount the world,” the mother does everything.

14) Where is Rickon?

But no really, where is he 90 percent of the time? He doesn’t even know.



What’s your favorite “Game of Thrones” inside reference? Comment your thoughts and share your views with us.

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