14 Secrets of Sachin’s Life

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1) Sachin – The Angry Young Child

As a child, Sachin was stubborn and sulking who, when he did not get the bicycle he wanted, went and got his head stuck between the iron rails on the balcony.


Seems like Sachin was determined and stubborn of what we wanted in his life. Arrogance can also be good and Sachin makes it clear :)


2) Reason Behind the Name – “Sachin”

Where kids born in the past 2 decades are named ‘Sachin’ after the Master Blaster, he himself was named after the Indian legendary music composer Sachin Dev Burman, popularly known as S D Burman.



3) Tale of two terrors

In February 1988, Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli went insane sharing a record 664-run partnership in the semi-finals of an inter-school competition, and prolonged the bowlers’ misery for no reason but their own pleasure.

For instance, one bowler broke down, another didn’t want to come back. All while Tendulkar and Kambli were still in school.




4) First article on Newspaper

No doubt that Sachin Tendulkar was a crazy little boy who wants to make his dream of cricket come alive. As a boy cricketer who, having scored just 24, connived with a reporter to have his score changed to 30; so that his name could be printed in the newspaper (apparently, only scorers of 30 runs or more were mentioned in the city sports columns) is a delightful look at the rise of a colossus.



5) In Pursuit of Perfection

Sachin practised with a wet rubber ball to see the marks left on his bat, so that he could know whether he was hitting the ball from the middle of the bat or not.



6) Sincerity pays off

Notably, Tendulkar always signs an autograph with full attention – whereas many other celebrities scribble hastily while looking elsewhere or doing something else. Not Tendulkar. Signing an autograph for him is serious business, done with concentration and undivided focus, with as much care as facing a bowler.



7) Superstitious Sachin

Call it habits or superstition, even Sachin Tendulkar has them. He always sits on the left window seat at the front row of the team bus. He also chose his place in the dressing room first. Only once he had taken his place, did others proceed to take theirs.

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8) The Tihar Connection

The Tihar jail in Delhi has two wards named after Sachin and Kambli. Certainly a weird way to commemorate the 664-run stand they shared.


9) Sachin – The Sleepwalker

“Sachin was a sleepwalker. He was my room-mate at the MRF Pace Academy. We stayed in a hotel in Mount Road, Chennai. I saw him get up and walk around the room in the dead of night and lost sleep after that.” says Saurav Ganguly



10) Harry Potter Style

Famous Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe stood in a queue at Lord’s in 2007 to take an autograph of Sachin Tendulkar. A huge cricket fan himself, Andrew Strauss was also his target.

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11) The finest habits of Sachin

One of the lesser-known facts about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is that he used to play squash, besides following other fitness regimen, in his effort to remain in top shape. Apart from medicine and music as his hobbies, Sachin Tendulkar also likes seafood and can talk about wines to a great extent.

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12) Anjali pretended as journalist while visiting his home

The first time Anjali wanted to go to Sachin’s house, he was very tense. So she went to Sachin Tendulkar’s house disguised as a journalist.


13) I didn’t watch 2011 World Cup final after getting out, nor did Viru: Sachin Tendulkar

Another incident proving how superstitious Sachin Tendulkar can get as he revealed that he did not watch any part of the 2011 World Cup final after his dismissal and didn’t allow his opening partner, Virender Sehwag, to watch either.

“In an earlier game in Ahmedabad, I had been getting a massage with my head down and Viru was sitting next to me and we did well. So in the final, I stayed on the massage table and kept Viru with me. He said, ‘Let me see the game a little bit’. I said, ‘No, you see as much as you want on TV later’. And we won,” said Tendulkar.

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14) Love Story of Sachin

Last but definitely not the least, Sachin’s love story has the charm and genuine love for each other.

Anjali and Sachin first met at the Mumbai Airport, where they liked each other. It can also be called as “Love at first sight” Anjali found Sachin cute and she still cherishes the Orange T-shirt that she was wearing. They wrote letters to save on international telephone bills. That’s the way we communicated.

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