13 School Time Memories That Will Make You Go Nostalgic

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1)  Heart Break
A real heart break is when you have been trying to make the pencil tip a bit more sharper, but it broke down at the last minute. OMG, this is an epic moment for many a times. Apparently you don’t learn from your experiences, the nest time you sharpen your pencil you still do the same.

Pencil and pencil shavings studio isolated on white background

2) Anticipation

That excitement of keeping aside your pencils and start writing using pens!

You would probably be waiting to complete your 5th grade, just because to use those Hero ink pens, your seniors used (although it was the way in my school). Oh, finally, you are somehow a senior in the school. You will powerful now, just because you write in pen. A feeling of promotion. 😛


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3) Betrayal
The legend said that the blue part could erase ink marks. Legends are not always true!

In fact, you would have fell for this lie and even tore papers, trying to remove the ink.

4) Birthday Celebration

The entire class gets 1 toffee, whereas best friends and teachers get either 2 toffee’s or a big five star (Yes, those days Five star was pretty big 😛 ) This was an unwritten rule of every little school.


5) Hide and seek

It’s not about playing hide and seek with your friends. It’s about hiding somewhere in the toilet or the back yard of the parking space just to skip your morning assembly.

And when you get caught red handed, you have no clue how to escape.

6) Fear for the Ruler
There was an element of doubt in every child’s mind while purchasing a 30 cm ruler, especially the wooden one. As the ruler can turn into a weapon to get punished.


7) Losing the tip of these and effectively rendering them useless

You will love to have countless of these.


8) Innovation
When a little innovation helped our shoes shine white. Yes, you are guessing it correct. Those days when we you used the chalk to get your shoes polished :P. This is what we call as ‘jugaad’, just to escape punishments in P.T classes or the assembly check.



Oh shit, did I use a blue chalk instead of a white?

9) Fun with your best friends

Usually there is something or the other going on in the class with your best friends, and the teacher notices it as expected.
Punishments with friends which made incredible memories. Indeed, that’s what we wanted. A little space to fight freely and we are out of the class. Yay………

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10) Swag

You just learn to blow out the chewing gum to show off with your friends. You turn out to be the ultimate style icon by doing this, especially in front of those junior fans of you.


11) Madness

When hours were spent in the scorching heat trying to become a champion of this game. You really feel like a hero if you win this game, especially during those short breaks of the classes.


12) Free periods = Pen Fights

Especially having the one, with four colors made you the hero of the class. You would spend even the entire day trying to push all four colors down at the same time.


Success is when you win stealing the honors of the day like a boss.

13) The Class Photo

Here comes that exciting day when you get dressed the best way you could, you shampoo your hair and try to look out the best in the group photo of the entire class. And the best part is when your parents search for you and could not figure out so easily where you are.


Truly school life is the best phase of one’s life. These golden days would never compensate anything else in the world.

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